In today’s fast-paced world, everyone strives for excellence – and businesses are no exception. The concept of “bricolage,” making do with what you have, is no longer enough. To stay competitive, continuous improvement is key. Upgrading to QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Migration is a smart decision that empowers your business to reach its full potential.

Like you don’t want to survive without tech, the SMBs don’t want to breathe without hosting QuickBooks Enterprise on the cloud or any QB software. Forlane predicts around 6 million businesses use QuickBooks products regularly to manage their business needs.

According to Gartner, around $266.4 billion is expected to be spent on the cloud in the year 2020. When you can see the numbers of usage of QB products used by the enterprises and the steep rise of cloud technology, it is predictable how QuickBooks hosting will benefit businesses.

Again, when you shift your business from one hosting provider to another, you don’t just dream of it overnight and make your decisions to opt for it. It requires:

  • Analysis
  • Detailed planning
  • Proper implementation
  • Tried tests

Here, we will help you understand every detail of QuickBooks migration, and every aspect you need to know before choosing a good hosting provider.

What is QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Migration?

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting migration is the process of transferring your QuickBooks Enterprise application and data from one hosting provider to another.

  • When you decide to migrate all your data, you should evaluate the hosting provider you are going to choose as well as the provider you are using for now.
  • After you have completely evaluated both the hosting providers, you can proceed with shifting your data and application.
  • The end step should be to implement the migration successfully and look for the proper functioning of all your data with the new hosting provider.

Benefits of Migration

When you are relying on a hosting provider for your business requirements, the chances are everything is running smoothly but there are some queries that demand change of provider. Maybe you are facing security issues, constantly increased cost, or low performance with the first one, so it’s better to migrate to another provider for your business.

Here are some of the benefits of hosting migration:

  1. Hosting migration can provide better security and easy accessibility to your application and data.
  2. If you are facing major issues like increased downtime or opaque access to your data, migrating to a new provider will provide increased uptime and complete access.
  3. Choosing the right hosting provider will also help in saving money as you will not be charged with hidden, additional costs or operational costs.
  4. A new hosting provider might come with excellent data recovery options and data backup facilities. With good providers, you do not require worrying about data loss or security.
  5. Hosting migration guarantees 24*7 support and the hosting provider’s availability for troubleshooting all your applications and hosting related queries.

What to Consider while Evaluating a New Provider?

The cloud migration can be successful only when you choose the right hosting provider. An affluent migration has the potential to take your business to newer heights. This is bound to increase your productivity level.

Before you blindly keep your hands on a random provider, you need to ask questions and evaluate the new provider. Here’s a list of questions you might need to ask :

  1. Will my data be recovered if I lose all my data?
  2. Who will be able to access my data and files?
  3. Did you ever provide a service to any of the enterprises like mine?
  4. Do you have a scalable QuickBooks hosting solution that will be meeting my changing business requirements?
  5. Is it possible that I can make changes in the service plans whenever I need?
  6. Can you ensure enough security to my QuickBooks application and data?
  7. What is the exact geographical location and where is your data center located?
  8. How strong are your data backup strategies and will you provide additional backup?
  9. Do you provide 24*7 customer support to your customers?
  10. What are the offers I can get if I choose your service?

What are the challenges you might face with QuickBooks Enterprise  Hosting Migration?

When you choose a hosting provider, they ensure everything works fine and migration is seamless. However, there are possibilities of you facing issues related to IT, portability in QuickBooks apps, and defaults in interoperability. There can be various challenges when you decide to migrate, such as:


The cost can be a real issue while QuickBooks hosting migration. You always have a budget when you decide to migrate. Try to opt for a provider who can get you everything under that planned budget.

You should know all the markable costs associated with your provider. If you do not wish to fall under a trap and keep on calling your provider to sort out untimely issues, do remember to clarify points on:


You should make sure that everything is fine with the portability and interpretability with your QuickBooks application as well as QB data. It is important to know that your chosen provider can:

  • Port your QuickBooks application and data
  • Those can suit up with new environments
  • Be integrated with new applications


Before you choose a hosting provider, a major challenge can be increased downtime or lower uptime. You should know about the service uptime provided by the hosting provider. Ensure that the hosting has high uptime as it helps you to have the solutions in the best possible way.


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Security is the prior concern when you choose to migrate to the cloud. So, make sure that the hosting provider you choose guarantees excellent security.

Ask for the list of security measures they provide, including firewalls, antiviruses, and every other step to keep your data secure. The hosting provider should work to resolve any insidious attacks and make sure that the data is well protected.

Customer support

As you go for QuickBooks hosting migration, customer support can be another big challenge. Cloud is itself sufficient to fulfill the basic support. But when the migration process gets completed, you would be requiring customer support.

You may need support on:

  • How to integrate QuickBooks with other apps,
  • Enable printer accessibility
  • Understand various permissions required for accessing QuickBooks

So, you must ask your hosting provider if they provide 24*7 customer support to assist their customers.

What are the possible risks associated with QuickBooks Enterprise hosting migration?

  • The hosting provider you choose may share the cloud server with multiple companies. Make sure this is not the case.
  • Another risk while migration can be data loss. Choose a hosting provider that keeps the data backup up before and after the migration to avoid any data loss.

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  • The risk of stealing cloud credentials is common when you choose to shift your data and file to another provider. So, when you choose a hosting provider make sure they have developed strategies to limit access to the data and only restricted users can see the data.
  • Before choosing a hosting provider for your business, make sure there are no insider threats associated with the provider as it can ruin your business.
  • Another risk while migrating can be latency. It refers to the time lag user experiences while accessing the software on the internet. To avoid this, you must ask the hosting providers if they have their data centers in the proximity of the user.

Best Practices When QuickBooks Enterprise Hosting Migrating

Analyzing your current IT Essentials

Before you migrate, you should evaluate the current IT infrastructure and setup on which your QB Enterprise software is installed.     It is easy to know the solutions when you know all the deficiencies. This also helps to choose the best hosting provider.

Proper Cloud Training

Many organizations still have employees confused in the private and public cloud.  They should be properly trained and cloud sessions should be conducted to solve these issues.

Knowing the Right Needs

You must know what all you need and what are your expectations when you migrate your business to a new hosting provider. Knowing the server resources, several QB add-ons, or other applications alongside QB enterprise can help choose the right provider.

QuickBooks Enterprise hosting is an eminent way to make accounting more productive and meet your business needs. When you decide to migrate from one provider to another, you are obviously going to benefit from the additional services. So, make sure that you are all prepared when you opt to transfer your business from one provider to another.