In the world of the accounting industry, QuickBooks hosting is one of the best options. QuickBooks on the cloud helps SMBs in accomplishing tasks like inventory management, payments, billing, invoicing, and payroll. Despite being a coveted software, QuickBooks, when installed on a local system, poses a few limitations such as local hardware glitches. Managing all this takes up time which would otherwise have been utilized in catering to the clients. The more time you spend in managing these discrepancies, the more you’re taking away from your billable hours. This is exactly where cloud technology comes into play. Cloud hosting your accounting software helps with flexibility, mobility, and support that’s needed to reduce the amount of time spent on fixing IT operations.

Let’s see how exactly does QuickBooks cloud hosting help in increasing the billable hours of your firm:


With the increase in competition, accountants need to be at the beck and call of their clients, if they don’t want to lose business. However, that isn’t always possible, as it’s not practical for the accountants to be physically present with the clients every time. A lot of time is also spent on commute. QuickBooks, when installed on the local systems, drastically affects your billable hours, as it requires you to be physically present in the office premises to get a task done. QuickBooks hosting offers an agile solution to this problem. With QuickBooks on the cloud, all the data can be accessed from any remote location. The CPAs can track their client’s accounts and heed to their queries even not physically present in the office. This would count as getting work done, so the clients can be billed for this duration too.

Higher Availability

All thanks to the advancement in technology, in the present day, the entire accounting process can be carried out with accounting software; QuickBooks. Being unable to access QuickBooks and its related data might cause reduced productivity and, hence, fewer billing hours. Having you QuickBooks on the cloud ensures round-the-clock access to data. Many reputed cloud hosting provider guarantees an uptime of 99.999%, which implies that your accounting process would be available throughout the year.

Dedicated Customer Support

When your firm has an on-premise setup, a number of IT issues may creep up, that you’ll have to look after, thus taking time away from your work and billable hours.  With QuickBooks hosting, these challenges stand abated. The cloud hosting provider that you’d hire, has a dedicated team of their own, that are deployed solely to take care of all your hosting-related issues. Hence, if a little fragment of software or hardware malfunctions, you’d not need to put your mind to it, all of it would be taken care of by the hosting provider. Even if there is an issue that comes up at your front end, all you have to do is call the customer care and they’ll help you troubleshoot it. Issues and errors are resolved instantly by certified experts on the provider’s end. This means that your business and workings are uninterrupted, thus adding more to your billing hours.


The flow of information and facts should be smooth and uninterrupted within the concerned members of your firm if you wish to increase your billable hours. QuickBooks on cloud aids to this process as multiple users can access QuickBooks and its data on the common cloud platform simultaneously. All the concerned professionals working on an account are able to view, share, and edit files in QuickBooks at the very same time. It reduces errors by eliminating multiple data entries. Unparalleled collaboration in the cloud saves time, adding up as billable hours.

Lesser Hassles Means More Billable Hours

QuickBooks cloud hosting renders a smart cloud solution that helps you streamline your accounting tasks while eliminating errors. A lot of technical issues are taken care of by the cloud hosting providers on their end and even if something bugs you with the software that you’re using, the 24*7 active customer service team is just a call away. Cloud hosting providers take care of all the factors such as setup, upgrades, and maintenance. Not having to deal with every minuscule detail on the first-hand lets you have time to yourself that you can dedicate towards servicing your clients, hence adding up to and increasing the billable hours.