Public cloud or private cloud

From the past few decades, users are continuously debating for the best ways of hosting QuickBooks on the cloud. As major organizations are looking forward to making a switch from traditional accounting software to QuickBooks hosting. Transitioning from human-mind accounting to digital accounting and making processes more productive, businesses are trying to join the pace with cloud-based applications.

Cloud hosting services have evolved as an effective, highly flexible, robust, and secure option for the modern business world, providing Not only this, the modern accounting practice also helps in doing better data analysis using which businesses dig real gold.

In order to achieve great accessibility and easier integration, many businesses quest for a third-party solution who offers smart hosting for both QuickBooks software & business data. After hosting QuickBooks on the cloud, users can use advanced features, anytime anywhere access, and remote access to accounting data.

Hosting offers seamless accounting features to businesses, however, the appropriate choice of cloud also plays a vital role in business success and productivity. When it comes to cloud choice, users can choose the most suitable cloud type — Public or Private.

In case, businesses find it hard to make choice from the available cloud types then, to help them out — we’ve shared the pros and cons of both cloud type, public and private.

Private Cloud

Private cloud is the most securable and control offering cloud which provides dedicated network, hardware, server, and infrastructure to each organization. The cloud platform offers great control over data accessing to users and, also dedicated to a single user which allow businesses to meet their required bandwidth needs.

Choosing private cloud option over public means, welcoming dedicated server and hardware right from the data centers of third-party cloud hosting providers. Businesses who deal with personal and legal data asked to choose private cloud as they offer secured network and allow access only to authorized users having two-factor authentication passwords.

Pros Of Private Cloud

Better Reliability And Flexibility: As there is only one admin in the private cloud type; provision or de-provision of computing resources are handled by a single person and thus, makes the platform more flexible to use.

Better Optimization: The access to a server means that admin can optimize processes according to its will & wish. There’s no need to outsource cloud optimizer to gain out of investments you made.

Enhanced Security: As there is only one admin in the private cloud type; provision or de-provision of computing resources are handled by a single person and thus, makes the platform more flexible to use.

Cons Of Private Cloud

Expensive: The main reason that, mostly, huge enterprises own private cloud is its price; private clouds are too much expensive and thus, hard for SMBs to own it.

Public Cloud

Most of the third parties offer cloud computing services. Still, users quest for organizations who can host their software and data on the cloud without thinking of much efforts from them. Joining hands with such third party is talk of profit.

Users of QuickBooks accounting software needs both financial and technical experts to experience seamless assistance on the cloud.

Pros Of Public Cloud

Cost Efficient: One of the most affordable hosting solution — Public clouds substantially lowers the infrastructure, hardware, and maintenance costs.
Instant Third Party Integration: Public cloud doesn’t work on the practices of strict security and thus, allow users to integrate their application with third-party services and APIs which enhances hosted QuickBooks performance.

Cons Of Public Cloud

Weak Security: The only one loophole of adopting public cloud is security issues. However, communication with right and authentic third-party hosting provider can make your cloud platform secure and degrades the chances of data loss or scams. The provider will facilitate:

SSL or TLS standard security practices

SSH Key encryption methodology

Firewall, antivirus and antimalware software embedded

A comprehensive disaster recovery plan for tough times

Wrapping Up

Talking about hosting QuickBooks accounting software, nothing can beat the benefits of public cloud as it is affordable, offers easy integration with APIs, and somehow keeps you up with security as well. Whereas, the private cloud seems to be expensive for most of the QuickBooks users.

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