How To Unable the Sync Company File with


You may need to authorize the application to connect with your QuickBooks company file if you are not getting to sync. If you have already tried to connect to your company file before this, you might get a notification that shows “The QuickBooks file is inaccessible.”

Steps To Follow for Syncing Company File with

Step 1:

Open QuickBooks, log in as an administrator and switch to Single-user mode. This function is only available to the file’s admin user.

Unable the Sync Company File with step 1


Step 2:

Go to the Edit menu and click Preferences once you’ve logged into your company file.

Unable the Sync Company File with step 2


Step 3:

Select Integrated Applications on the left side of the options box.

Step 4:

Select the Company Preferences tab, find “”, click on it, and then click Remove.

Unable the Sync Company File with step 4


Step 5:

Then, open the Bill Dashboard application. After following the instructions, click Next until QuickBooks appears with the application certificate window.


Step 6:

Choose the option to Yes, always allow access.  Once you click Continue and Done, you will be able to sync with again.

Unable the Sync Company File with step 6




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