Virtual Desktop Hosting: For Flexibility and Convenience

Virtual desktop hosting (VDH), also known as desktop as a service (DaaS), is a cloud-based service that provides users with access to virtual desktops. Virtual desktops are software-based desktops that run on remote servers. This allows users to access their desktops from anywhere with an internet connection, using any device.

Unlock Your Benefits of Cloud with Hosted Desktop Solutions

State-of-the-art Cloud Desktop Hosting Offers Unparalleled Flexibility and Security for Users.

Top Notch Security

With cloud hosted virtual desktop, get enterprise security for your applications, and data to free yourself from modern cyber attacks.


Unlimited Freedom

Subscribe to greater computing resources that are not feasible to purchase. Customise those resources as per your need and discard immediately when your need is over.


Seamless Access

Access of your desktop and applications from anywhere in the world using any internet-connected device with no latency.

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Round-the-clock Support

Enjoy unlimited 24X7 support whenever and wherever you need. Our maximum support response time is 5 mins.

Hosted Virtual Desktops: A Whole New Way of Computing

Granular Control

You can define access controls are granular level to maintain data integrity of your organization with extreme ease.

Meeting Compliance

Hosted your application and data to our infrastructure to meet the industry compliance standards for security and integrity.

High Scalability

Scale up and down resources as per your need. This helps businesses to save cost immediately when there’s no requirement.

High Availability

High Availability cloud solution helps businesses to run their processes seamlessly without any downtime.

Try Hosted Desktop Solutions for Free and See the Difference

Sagenext: The Best Hosted Virtual Desktop Provider with Solid Reasons

Hassle-free migration and onboarding

Our expert cloud specialists help you to migrate your applications and data without you needing to do anything. We charge nothing for migration.


30 Days Rolling Data Backup

Once your data is placed on our cloud, it is backed up 4 times a day to make sure that you always maintain your data integrity.


Bank-grade Security

Our enterprise grade firewalls, moder anti-virus systems, and all other sorts of security practices ensure that your data remains secure all the time.


99.99% Service Uptime

Our highly available resource ensures that your business is always operational with optimum performance and efficiency.


The Best Support

The support remains available 24 hours a day to ensure that you get support whenever you need.


Cost Efficiency

Save hefty upfront costs by subscribing to pay-per-use cloud hosted desktop solutions to enjoy the benefits of high performance computing.


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The kind of Businesses Looking to Adapt Cloud Enabled Virtual Desktops


Suitable for business with a couple of members.


Suitable for small to medium businesses.


Suitable for heavy workloads.


Suitable for developers with scaling capabilities.

Experience the Power of Modern Computing with Sagenext


Industry-Specific Virtual Desktop Solutions: by Sagenext

With Sagenext, experience high performance computing that optimizes productivity and streamlines workflows. We help businesses to gain new heights with our highly customizable cloud hosted desktop solutions.


Software Development Industry








Business Process Outsourcing



Awards & Recognitions

Beyond Awards: Recognition for Commitment to Quality and Customer Delight

Sagenext has consistently garnered distinguished recognition for its exceptional hosting services, characterized by a resolute dedication to innovation and customer delight. This unwavering commitment to excellence has been demonstrably acknowledged through the receipt of numerous prestigious awards and accolades, solidifying Sagenext's position as an industry leader.


Rising Star Award by Compare Camp

SSAE Compliant SOC 2

Great User Experience by Finances Online

Great Uptime by HostAdvice

Great Uptime by HostAdvice

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Host Advice

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Host Advice

Sagenext's Trusted Partners: Delivering a Seamless Hosting Experience

Trusted Partners Play a Vital Role in Ensuring a Seamless Hosting Experience.

These carefully selected partners contribute their expertise in technology, infrastructure and support solutions, enhancing reliability and performance. Through this collaboration, Sagenext delivers a dependable and efficient hosting environment, allowing users to work without disruptions and enjoy optimal stability and security.

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Virtual Desktop Hosting FAQs

What is a hosted virtual desktop?+

A hosted virtual desktop, also known as Desktop as a Service (DaaS), is a cloud-based computing solution that provides users with a virtualized desktop environment accessible over the internet. Also, it essentially moves the traditional desktop experience to the cloud.

How Does Hosted Virtual Desktop (HVD) Work? +

Hosted Virtual Desktop works by moving your desktop environment to a secure, cloud-based infrastructure. Users access their virtual desktops from their devices via a secure connection, and the service provider takes care of the backend maintenance and management. This solution offers flexibility, security, and cost savings for businesses and individuals.

Is VDI same as VPN?+

No, VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) and VPN (virtual private network) are two different technologies with different purposes. VDI allows users to have a consistent desktop experience, regardless of where they are located whether VPN allows you to access your work network and resources from anywhere in the world. Which suits you the best VPN vs VDI select as per your need.

What are the types of virtual desktops?+

Generally, there are three types of desktop virtualization:

Is cloud VDI the same as hosted VDI? +

In reality, both terms refer to the same thing. The terms cloud VDI and hosted VDI are industry-specific abbreviations for cloud-hosted virtual desktop software.

Which industries benefit the most from Hosted VDI? +

Accountants and finance professionals are most benefited by hosted VDI. Since accountants and bookkeepers maintain large amounts of client data as well as sensitive data, Hosted VDI suits this industry best.

Which factors impact the Hosted VDI pricing?+

Storage capacity, memory usage, bandwidth, graphics, and processing power are some of the major factors that affect the hosted VDI pricing. In addition, the pricing varies depending on the business requirements and customization.

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