Cloud hosting is the bread and butter of today’s technical advancements and when you are handling businesses, either big or small you need to have a quick fix to all your queries.
Cloud is about how you do computing, not where you do computing. Similarly, when you need to keep your business intact, manage accounts and finances and keep a record of every spent dollar, you need to have accounting software that can handle these sorts of things for you. From basics like managing your accounts and updating books to complexities like sending multiple invoices, QuickBooks has all covered for you.

But who in the world is satisfied with what they have? You definitely have a chance to glide your business with hosting QuickBooks on the cloud. Yes, QuickBooks cloud hosting solves multiple purposes like letting the CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers access their files anywhere, anytime and also increases user collaboration and it’s safe too. But mishappenings are a part of any job and here also you can lack safety at times. You need security at every phase and you need to be sure that you are safe while you opt for QuickBooks cloud hosting. But the question is WHY?

Why do you need to be secure when you choose QuickBooks cloud hosting?

The knock-on effect of a data breach can be devastating for a company. When customers start taking their business and their money elsewhere that can be a real body blow.-Christopher Graham

QuickBooks hosting is one of the best solutions when you need to be efficient and also care for data breaches at the very same time. Here’s why you need to be secure as a cloud hosting user:

The users may lack information visibility and lack of control as everything is handled by cloud hosting providers.
If somehow you end up using an unauthorized cloud service, the reputation of your company is hampered and it also results in increased malware or data dereliction.
There are chances that the amount of data you intend to delete is not decimated as the data is spread across the cloud network through storage devices.

How To Stay Safe As A QuickBooks Cloud Hosting User?

1. Log out before you leave

Yes, logging out of every system after you are done with your work should be a habit. It’s no triviality that QuickBooks cloud hosting is one of the best accounting solutions and is secure. But you cannot keep the systems logged in after you are completed with your QuickBooks application usage. This increases the risk of data damage and also stealing the data would be easier for hackers. So, you must log out QuickBooks every time you are done using it.

QuickBooks Logout

2. Think before providing multiple accessibility

One of the major advantages of QuickBooks cloud hosting is the multi-user access which lets different users work on the same platform. But along with user accessibility, collaboration, and real-time updates, there are consequences if you fail somewhere.

You need to be very precise when you share the information with multiple people. Make sure to restrict users when you need to prevent access from certain areas of accounting software so that you can keep your information with the utmost security.

3. A strong password is a compulsion

Every time you surf the internet or every time you sign up for an account, you deal with passwords. But most of us don’t care even about having regular guidance on how to set a strong new password.

As a cloud hosting user, you should never be using your phone number, date of birth or common things for your password as it’s easy to guess and anybody can sign in to your account. Easy passwords are easy to crack and this can be a huge risk to your business.

Strong Password

Choosing a cloud hosting provider

To get the best services, you should be able to decide which QuickBooks cloud hosting is suitable for your business. You need to know which hosting provider can solve all your queries, which has the best tech support team, and the best data reliability. When you talk about all these features, Sagenext is one great choice. Our security includes encryption, firewalls, and anti-virus to prevent any kind of data breach or dereliction. Be an accountant, CPA, bookkeeper or SMBs, we make sure that our 24/7 services are reliable to all of them.

Over the years QuickBooks has been a boon to all the businesses and with all the latest advancements and specifications that come with each new version and edition, it is one great help to all. Further, moving QuickBooks to the cloud adds more advantages i.e both the specialties of cloud and desktop. The adoption of cloud technology offers flexibility and also offers a great platform for businesses to flourish. So, as a user, the needed steps are necessary to stay safe when you level up to QuickBooks cloud hosting.