When you are a part of this extremely competitive industry; making the most out of your ability and productivity is the only way out if you do not want to be termed vestigial. 24 hours always seem insufficient when the amount of work is magnanimous. It leaves us wishing if only we had a magic spell, but alas one could only wish. Meanwhile, as we await a spell to cast, let’s have a look at these apps that would help boost your productivity as an accountant and ease the tedious workload you have

1. Inbox by GmailIt is something all of us use every day. In our opinion, conducting day to day business would be almost impossible without this email service. With features such as smart reply, snoozing email,high-priority notifications, it brings the best email experience helping accountants to communicate effortlessly.

2. Boomerang – Next in line is an app called boomerang, this lets you write an email and schedule it automatically beforehand.

3. TSheets – This is a time tracking software that helps in streamlining payroll, send invoices while saving time and money. It also prompts the employees to check-in and out in accordance with the deadlines of the project.

4. Asana – A project management software, helping accountants with better time management. It helps in task and project organization, communication, and team collaboration, letting you manage multiple projects at one time.

5. Trello – Our personal favorite is Trello’s mascot named Taco. It is a collaboration tool that encourages collaborative working. One can assign tasks to various group members and follow up on progress. Trello has lists and boards that make it easy to sort tasks and projects. It sports a nice interactive UI

6. Noted – It is a note-taking app, that lets you take audio and written notes all in one place. It brings notes and audio together, so whenever you have an idea instantaneously, you can jot it down.

7. TimeCamp – Time camp is an automated time tracking software, rendering a unanimous platform for project and budget management.

8. Square –Square is a one-stop solution to run a business, be it accepting payments or tracking sales and inventory, it has got you covered.  Having square lets you accept payments anywhere anytime as it’s accompanied by a portable card to receive payments.

9. Slack – It is a group communication/messaging app that can be used by accountants to communicate with their co-workers and even have group discussions. One can also share files, documents, and data in one place when using slack.

10. Skype – Skype is something that is known to all of us. It is a multipurpose communication app that offers video conferencing, messaging, calling, and document sharing, making it very easy to collaborate. It is one of the best ways to connect with offsite employees and clients.

11. FreeAgent – This is something that accountants would absolutely love, FreeAgent prompts alerts on deadlines. When dealing through the busy tax season, this app is meant to be your friend. Your clients can access this app along with you, thus eliminating any scope of confusion.

12. Google Drive – This is like a bare necessity for all. Google Drive, or G-Drive as many call it, is a cloud storage platform from Google. You can save files and documents here and can access it anytime anywhere with a synced device.

13. Adobe Sign – This might not seem like a huge deal initially, but Adobe Sign is a real winner when you start using it. It lets you electronically sign any document and you won’t have to waste time over and over again placing initials or your signature manually. This saves you a lot of time and monotonous effort.

14. Receipt Bank – This is an ideal productivity-enhancing tool for accountants that eliminates manual data entry thus reducing paper usage. It can be easily automated for collecting, processing, and publishing invoices and receipts.

15. LastPass – When you’re busy crunching numbers and dealing with the client’s accounts book, the last thing you want to add to your list is memorizing a piece of extra information. This is where LastPass comes into play. It is an app that saves your passwords in an encrypted environment. Make it safe and easy at the same time.

Playing such a vital role in the industry; Accountants deserve every piece of ease that could be provided to them. These apps won’t cut short their tasks but they sure would help to ease them a fair bit. Key factors like communication, keeping records can be made more seamless by using these suggested apps. We hope that during this bearing tax season, these productivity apps help calm down your nerve.