Does tax season leave you in all jitters and you just need a solution? Yes, the ProSeries tax software can be your all-time favourite when it comes to lightly handling your tax jobs.

ProSeries Tax software is a prominent tax software used by tax professionals and CPAs to ease up their tax work. The software has various features that make tax filing and return easy. It also makes the tax-related tasks efficient while saving time. Something that makes this software everybody’s favourite is its easy adaptability and ease-of-use. Even non-professionals can use this hosting software easily.

But there is a lot more when it comes to ProSeries Hosting. The benefits you get are uncountable and we will be moving forward with the various benefits of ProSeries tax software hosting.

Benefits of ProSeries Tax Software Hosting:

The tax desktop software has eminent features that make it one of the finest choices. ProSeries hosting adds various other advantages that truly enhance the acting capabilities in the desktop software. Here are the six major benefits of ProSeries Tax Software Hosting.

1.Improved data security

ProSeries hosting offers excellent data security features that limit any kind of data breaches and reduced chances of data dereliction. The hosting providers offer automatic and remote backup, real-time data monitoring, redundant firewalls and other security measures to ensure core security of all the data.

2.Multi-user access

One of the greatest benefits of ProSeries tax software hosting is that it allows multiple users as well as all the associated members to work on the same file. This increases user collaboration and better client management.

The users can easily update their income tax, forms, schedules, and tax reports and can share the reports when needed. Moreover, professionals or businesses can also restrict users if they wish to hide information, which actually makes the work system more transparent.


Another important aspect that makes the ProSeries hosting beneficial is its cost-effectiveness. You don’t have to dig your pocket deep to avail of the benefits. With it, the businesses get various features and availabilities that make the tax-related tasks easy.

This way they can save a huge amount of money, including surplus time. The hosting grants complete IT infrastructure security that saves a huge sum of money. Also, users do not require worrying about hardware dysfunction.

4.Accurate and collaborative tax filing

The ProSeries hosted setup offers benefits such as accurate tax filing, which makes the tax filing process easy and fast. With this tax software hosting, the businesses can access the files anytime and from anywhere.

Added to this, users can work collaboratively on the same file. Due to this, the tax filing becomes easy when multiple users work on the same project. The result is increased productivity.

5.Integrating add-ons

The ProSeries desktop software can be integrated with different add-ons which obviously increases productivity and also makes it one of the used tax software for the CPAs and tax pros.

Add-ons such as ProSeries Document management systems, ProSeries Network Solutions, ProSeries forms library and ProSeries Clients manager can easily be added to the desktop version. It can also be hosted on the cloud, which provides greater stability making the tax filing procedure easy.

Features of ProSeries Tax software

1.Integrating add-ons

The ProSeries tax software can be integrated with different add-ons for better functionality and improved workflow. Using different add-ons the professionals can collect the fee from their clients more conveniently, manage documents easily, automate data storage and bring better organization processes. The add-ons enhance the services and assist the pros to work more securely.

2.Client management solutions

Client management is another important criteria that lie under better business goals. ProSeries software has various inbuilt tools that help to track client progress status, manage e-filing progress and also track any missing data.
Using an e-file announcement (an inbuilt ProSeries tool), one can easily download the financial transactions, keeping it safe and secure. The Missing Client Data Tool is used to track the empty data fields, which can then be noted and sent to the clients to keep a better track of the data.

3.Data input assistance

The ProSeries tax software helps the tax preparers to easily fill the details in the tax forms by obtaining only the required information. Users can also find the right form which they need to fill, trace the right source document from any field data and can find the right information required to fill the data. Overall the software makes the tax filing process easy and fast.

4.Error check

The Intuit’s tax software has different error-check diagnostics, which provide accurate error check and makes the tax-related tasks quick and error-free. You can easily find and correct errors in the necessary tax forms using the software.

5.Paperless transitions

Using the ProSeries tax software, one can easily email invoices and create bills for their clients without any printing or mailing hassles. The feature allows for sending reminders and collecting payments online and also create automated billing. This saves a lot of time and the clients are all happy to engage in other tasks.

6.Automated calculation

With the ProSeries tax, you can easily do your work. The manual tax calculation takes a lot of time and also requires huge paperwork. But with ProSeries, the process is completed in a few hours. The software also provides regular updates to keep up with the changing tax filing system and also manages to file multiple tax forms in a go.

Why go for something else when your hosting provider is offering you the best ProSeries support? The point is having a tax software like ProSeries and moving the software to the cloud will offer you major advantages when you are all tired of tax forms piled on your table.  So, when you go for hosting your ProSeries tax software, make sure that you have the latest version of ProSeries download to avail of the best features and benefits.