How to Download and Install ProSeries Tax Software?

Intuit ProSeries tax software offers a virtual office for tax preparation, filing returns, calculating e-file, and tracking discrepancies.

The software is designed for accountants. However, Intuit provides video tutorials, webinars, and live training that makes it easy for you to navigate the dashboard and serve your clients better.

Steps to Download ProSeries Tax Software

To download ProSeries Tax software follow the steps given below:

Step 1. Create an Intuit account or sign in to My Account if you already have one.

Step 2. Enter your username or Email

Step 3. Enter your password

Step 4. Click on “Sign In

sign in to Intuit account to download ProSeries Tax Software

Step 5. Once you’ve logged in, a dashboard will display. Select the download button for ProSeries.

Select download button and download ProSeries Tax Software

Step 6. If you want to download prior versions of the software, select “Previous Years” just below the download button.

select “Previous Years”

Step 7. Depending on your web browser, you may be notified to “Run,” “Save,” or “Open” the download file before the installation begins.

Steps to Install Intuit ProSeries Tax Software

Step 1. The initial welcome page will appear on your screen. Select Next” to begin the installation process.

welcome Proseries

Step 2. Review the license agreement, then select the “I accept terms of the agreement” radio button. Select “Next

Step 3. The Installation screen will prompt you to select either a Stand Alone or a Network installation.

Select Stand Alone or Network installation

Step 4. For “Network,” ensure the computer you’re using is the one you’re giving the administrative rights to. Select “Network”, then click “next.”

Step 5. The confirm administrator window will be displayed. Click the box that reads, “Yes, this is the computer I want to be the ProSeries admin computer.” Select “Next” to continue.

Confirm administrator computer

Step 6. The workstation name screen will display the name of the computer you’re using for the installation. You can change the default name. Click “Next” to continue.

workstation name

Step 7. On the network installation folder screen, the local install folder and network install folder fields will display a default location on the hard drive of your computer.

Step 8. Change the path for the network install folder to that of your server if you’re using a client-server environment. If you’re using a P2P environment, leave the default pathway. Click “Next.”

Network Installation Folders

Step 9. Select the Federal products and the State you will work with on the products screen. Ensure you select just the items that you need. If you check all the boxes, it will take a longer time to install the software.

State products screen

Step 10. Select “Next”. The selected products will begin to download.

Step 11. The application settings screen will appear and automatically install key components for the program.

application settings screen

Step 12. Once the program has been installed, the “Launch ProSeries” checkbox will be selected. Click “Finish” to launch the program.

proseries is installed

Step 13. When the program launches for the first time, you will need a license. Click “Next” to continue with the licensing wizard.

Step 14. Enter your customer number and “SOLD TO” zip code, then click “Next”.

Enter customer number

Step 15. The wizard will connect to the Intuit server to confirm your provided information. Click “next” after the confirmation process is completed.

Step 16. The verify firm information screen will display your company’s information as it will appear in your tax returns. Verify the data, then click “Next.” If the information is incorrect, click on the “Business/Personal Name Update Tool” link to make the necessary corrections.

Verify the information

Step 17. The product licenses screen will display the products that your company is licensed to use. Click the “Continue” button.

Step 18. The ProSeries program will launch, and you can sign in to start using the software. The program will also check for updates running in the background while setting up the software.

ProSeries program

Step 19. After logging in, follow the prompts to set up the software and save the updates.


Filing accurate tax returns is a tiresome and time-consuming task that is left to professionals. And to make the job easier and faster for tax preparers, fall back on tax preparation software.

Good tax software should be easy to use, affordable, offer technical support, and calculate returns without errors. And if the software offers a cloud-hosted version, it’s a plus. From all that we’ve discussed, 

Intuit’s ProSeries tax software increases the effectiveness of tax preparers by offering better ways to manage data and quick processing of tax returns. As a result, accountants can process returns for more clients within a tax year. With the help of ProSeries tax advisors, accountants can recommend ways their clients can reduce reductions and gain more returns.