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  1. New in QuickBooks Desktop
  2. QuickBooks Version in 2021-22
  3. Hosting QuickBooks on Cloud

Intuit has introduced new changes to QuickBooks Desktop Accounting. Every year new editions are launched by Intuit to ease the complex accounting process. This year QuickBooks’ new editions are launched already, with more to come. You must upgrade the QuickBooks to the latest release to avail all the new features. 

In QuickBooks Desktop 2022, all the new features ensure that the accounting process is streamlined. It also expects that in 2023, the software will get more poised to make the experience seamless. In this article, you will find all the information you need about QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop

Criteria QB Desktop Accounting 2021 QB Desktop Accounting 2022
Receipt Management Upload Basic Receipts Upload Receipts as well as Attachments in Receipt Managements
Intuit Support Sunset on 05/31/2021 Sunset on 05/31/2025
Subscription Model N/A Available
Bill Remainders N/A Automation of Bill Remainders and Sending Statements to Clients
Mac Silicon Compatibility Not Compatible Supports Apple Silicon Processor Compatibility
Processing 34/32- Bit Platform or Higher 64- Bit Platform
Attachments via Mobile N/A Attach Documents through Mobile App
Melio N/A Integration with Melio

QuickBooks Desktop is preferred by a wide range of businesses because it gives them the power and convenience of managing all their accounting operations in one place.

Now even users can access QuickBooks Desktop online from a remote location. 

Businesses can now do invoicing, bill payment, report generation, and tax preparation faster with regular QuickBooks updates. Here’s a look at the latest QuickBooks Desktop update.

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More About QuickBooks Desktop Version in 2021-22

You get many enhanced features in QuickBooks Desktop every year through new updates. This year, significant improvements will be made to bank feeds, customized receipts, automatic data backup, and billing.

Intuit has already hinted at the release dates for its QuickBooks updates for 2022 in its previously released updates. Furthermore, accounting professionals are looking forward to more revolutionary features in QuickBooks Desktop 2022.

QuickBooks Desktop Accounting 2022 is expected to include the following features:

1. Creating a Custom Group with Specialized Groups

There will be more upgrades related to custom group creation in QuickBooks. It will be more rule-based, and the conditions need to be relevant as per the prevailing business situation on the ground.

Intuit has already made significant progress in the custom group creation process. Still, more progress can be expected in the 2022 version or update.

2. Payment Receipts

QuickBooks 2020 will allow you to send multiple invoices or attachments in a single mail.

The 2021 and 2022 version is about customizing the receipts and helping businesses in multiple ways. The new edition will be all about accessing or sending receipts in an easier and advanced way.

3. Automatic Sending of Statements

The QuickBooks Desktop version of 2021 already has the feature of sending the statement to clients automatically. With this, you can generate, edit, send or receive e-statements to clients with any inconvenience.

Further, a new feature of the automated statement will automatically attach your purchase orders into invoices. This feature will help you in sending invoices to recurring customer statements automatically.

4. Significant Advancement in Secured Bank Feed

Are you a QuickBooks Desktop user with the Bank Feed feature? You might be able to download the transaction from financial institutions. The process is working seamlessly, but in 2022 there will be more chances with secured access to bank feed.

The report errors and glitches in the prevailing system will be fixed, and several improvements will be introduced.

5. Access QuickBooks Desktop Online in 2022

The remote access of the QuickBooks is one of the top advantages of technological advancement.

Remote access to QuickBooks is vital to handling important accounting details or files remotely, as when needed. You need not wait to visit the office for access to the data.

Businesses & users can access their QuickBooks Desktop online and thus, manage the account remotely. In 2022, it’s going to be more collaborative and handy for remote access to the QuickBooks accounting tool.

Now, Intuit has supported remote access for QuickBooks, which will be a huge advantage to local PC users. In case you haven’t been accessing QuickBooks online this year, you can certainly do it in 2022.

Alternatively, if you’re looking right away for accessing your solution online, here are some ways to access QuickBooks Desktop online –

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Host QuickBooks Desktop on Cloud

It is about hosting QuickBooks Desktop software on third-party servers. You can access QuickBooks using the authenticated user details and active internet connection.

1. Get Unlimited Storage

Get unlimited storage options for your QuickBooks data and safely store your data on the cloud.

2. Online Access of QuickBooks

It is the solution from Intuit that is based on the cloud. It can be accessed at any time and using any device.

The number of users that can collaborate over time will depend on the selection of the plan.

3. Use of QuickBooks Remote Access Tool

It is one of the alternate ways to connect to the remote machine where QuickBooks online is installed.

You will be able to do the necessary work like file copy, print files on a remote server, remote access of the files, and more.

Other remote access tools in the market offer similar services and can be used for remote use, with the help of a local desktop.

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Although QuickBooks Online is getting adopted by businesses faster, QuickBooks accountant Desktop is also relevant in a similar way.

In 2022, we all will be able to access a more updated accounting software version to track financial accounts. Handle the financial data better with help of the QuickBooks Desktop 2022 version. Access data with more freedom and in a secured environment with QuickBooks next year’s edition.

If you are satisfied with the software and want to purchase it from the best solution provider, feel free to contact us. We are an Intuit authorized QuickBooks Solutions Provider and are dedicated to selling genuine Intuit products. You also avail expert consultations on which Intuit versions fit best to your business needs, and with our QuickBooks accountant desktop support, application setup support, and round-the-clock technical support, we serve our clients with the highest quality standards.