Why Choose Hosted Quickbooks over Quickbooks online

Hosted QuickBooks or its online version, nearly 85% of the accounting market loves this accounting tool. As per the reports shared by Accountancy Age, around 78% of accounts personnel including small and mid-sized business houses rely on cloud technology like hosted QuickBooks. In fact, 1.57+ million subscribers have a better preference for QuickBooks compared to other accounting tools.

QuickBooks has so many statistics in support and functionalities like time tracking, billing, and invoicing that allows corporations to manage their finances. But, where a majority of corporations are happily adopting the cloud technology, CPAs are still preferring the QuickBooks with hosting facility rather than opting for the online version.

We have highlighted some of the facts that will give you a fair reason for such a preference.

Similarities between Hosted QuickBooks and Online QuickBooks

There are a few key pointers that are similar between hosted QuickBooks and online QuickBooks.

1. Ease of Use

Both of the QuickBooks version is quite easy to use. You don't need to be an accountant or hire accountants/ bookkeepers to monitor and work according to the accounts management system.

2. Data Storage in Off-premises

Both hosted and online services work on the off-premises server. Simply put, you can work with QuickBooks on the digital platform without spending on hardware updates and server maintenance. We suggest you the hosted QuickBooks option as you can avail more customization options in comparison to the online mode.

3. Backing Up Data Automatically

The data backup facility is offered by both QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks Online. However, what matters more is the frequency of the backup. In this case, hosted QuickBooks servers back up the data more frequently than the online option.

6 benefits to choose Quickbooks Hosting

Stark Difference representing Hosted QuickBooks to be Better

Even though a few pointers are similar between online QuickBooks and hosted QuickBooks, a higher percentage showcases how the hosted version is better than the online one.

1. Regular Product Updates

The option of controlling your QuickBooks account is in your hand when you opt for the hosted version. It is up to you to run the updates or execute them after some time. But in the case of online QuickBooks, the updates automatically take place without offering you a place of intervention.

2. Better Maintenance

Both QuickBooks versions have a similar maintenance structure. However, in the online setting, Intuit looks into the maintenance of websites and online portal.

In the case of the hosting version, the hosting provider handles:

  • Associated hardware upgrades
  • Daily server maintenance
  • Server repairs

3. Easy to Set up and Use

In case of hosted QuickBooks, the provider leases the QuickBooks Desktop edition or installs your license on a dedicated server or off-premise environment. The server is located in a data centre. When you want to work on the software, you simply require to use the remote desktop option and continue with your work. So, you basically work on the replica of your desktop application!

Relatively, during the QuickBooks Online setup, your QuickBooks Desktop data is copied by Intuit, which it transfers to your online account. You can use the digital version of QuickBooks with a supported web browser and logging into your QuickBooks Online account. 

4. Enhanced Features

The Basic features of QuickBooks Online include:

  • Tracking and sending invoices
  • Syncing bank accounts
  • Inventory tracking

But most of the available features are not mobile supported.

Comparatively, Hosted QuickBooks Desktop offers you advantageous features like:

  • Remote accessibility
  • Tracking expenses
  • Budgeting

Being of a dynamic nature, you do not require to worry about losing industry-specific features or skipping the learning curve.

5. Choice from Different Versions

Unlike the QuickBooks online,  which is an independent version; the QuickBooks Desktop hosting option supports various versions like:

6. Superior Customer Support

The customer service of QuickBooks Online usually remains active from Monday to Friday, that too for a specific duration.

Contrary to it, QuickBooks hosting providers like us provide you round the clock customer support, even on holidays and weekends. To give you the ease of quick connectivity, the points of reaching the tech support are:

  • Email/ Ticket Submission
  • Phone call
  • Remote Support

7. Affordable Service Charge

The charges of both the QuickBooks options are dependent on plans and situations. For instance, if you see the hosting option, the price range starts from $33 on a monthly basis and can go up to $45. However, QBO’s service plans (generic basis) can start from $20 and go up to $100 a month.

Both the higher values usually include add-ons or additional costs related to multiple company files (QB online).

What’s the Final Verdict – QuickBooks Hosting or Online?

Quickbooks Hosting vs Quickbooks Online

Don’t go for what we say to you. See for yourself what hosted QuickBooks has to offer you. 

  QuickBooks Hosting

Benefit and Features

QuickBooks Online


Automatics backup of encrypted data


Software Installation


Updates and Upgrades


Remote Access


Cloud-based application


Rebuilding and calculating job cost




Dedicated Servers


Invoicing (in Batches)

All Desktop Edition

Supported Versions

Only Online Version

Multiple device access


Inventory tracking (multiple)


Free Trial


Industry-Specific Version

Remote Desktop

Interface Utility

Web Browser

Interface similar to QuickBooks desktop


Access allowed to User numbers

Maybe 30 or less

24 x 7 Tech support



Variable as per company

It is a fact that cloud accounting software is creating tides in the sea of the accounting market. By 2023, the cloud accounting market size is also expecting to touch $4.25 billion.
The above pointers would have definitely given you a clear idea by now why CPAs prefer to opt for hosted QuickBooks. Where the hosted version adds more value to your business and has features like easy mobility (carry your office anywhere with you without time restriction), multi-user collaboration, remote desktop hosting and working, etc., online version stays a little behind the game.

And these are the sole reasons for which more and more accounting professionals are opting for hosted QuickBooks. So, what’s your plan now? Give the QuickBooks hosting a try with our 7-days free trial plan and be a part of smart accounts planning and executing group!

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