QuickBooks is an accounting software, developed and marketed by Intuit, that offers a plethora of on-premise accounting applications such as accepting business payments, managing and paying bills, payroll functions, and more. Whether you have your own business or you have a huge payroll to manage, there’s always a QuickBooks version to help you in your accounting process. No one likes getting away from the comfort zone and work; traditional QuickBooks is developing and now we have QuickBooks cloud vs online on plate to serve the best of the accounting solutions with least efforts. 

What is QuickBooks Cloud Hosting?

QuickBooks Hosting or QuickBooks on cloud refers to the installation of QuickBooks Desktop version on the network server hosted over the cloud to enable access through a web browser from any location. QuickBooks cloud hosting is offered by a third party service and it comes with loaded benefits to its users. The highlighted benefits of QuickBooks Cloud hosting include round-the-clock accessibility of the data from anywhere in the world, real time collaboration, free 24X7 access to IT support and more. 

What is QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online is one of the latest accounting software provided by Intuit for small and medium-sized businesses. We cannot deny the fact that cloud with software needs can be quintessential for days, thus QuickBooks Online is a fair option. 

When to Prefer QuickBooks Hosting?

Since there is a growing need for accomplishing a large number of business needs within less time along with the constant need for remote accessibility, Quickbooks hosting is everybody’s go-to for easy business management.  

  • When automated data backup is the necessity- You can use QuickBooks Hosting when you want automatically backep-up data. Using QuickBooks Hosting or QuickBooks on cloud your data is safe and automatically backed up by the respective service providers.
  • Supportive QuickBooks versions–  QuickBooks online vs QuickBooks desktop is not always compatible with all the versions, hence you need to use QuickBooks Hosting. A QuickBooks cloud hosting provider supports all types/editions of QuickBooks desktop version.
  • When you need better processing speed– QuickBooks hosting performs much faster and accurately depends on the providers. It is much more versatile and faster than QBO.

When to Prefer QuickBooks Online?

QuickBooks Online can be your ideal solution if you want to access and manage your account and stay organized from anywhere in the world. Want to know when you can prefer using QuickBooks online? 

  • When you have to give your accountant or other users access from any location: Using QuickBooks Online you can set up a user ID and password for each person who needs to access your data from wherever they are located.
  • When you want transactions using a mobile device, PC, or Mac: QuickBooks Online does not require software installation; therefore, you can open up a web browser from your mobile device, PC or Mac and log right into your account to quickly access your data
  • In case there’s a need for automatic, real-time updates: QuickBooks Online updates automatically acts for every change you and the other users made. The data is updated without any external efforts.

Since QuickBooks cloud hosting is simply utilizing the QuickBooks desktop version on a cloud-based server, it comes with many fantastic features like remote accessibility and real-time collaboration along with all the desktop inbuilt features. Still, confused about what to choose for more prompt accounting management? The below table presents a fine overview:

Features QuickBooks Hosting QuickBooks Online
Remote access Yes Yes
Proper and complete QuickBook desktop features Yes No
Similar QuickBook desktop usage Yes No
Mobile and multiple device access Yes Yes
Price and charges Managed by the servers Fixed by Intuit
Better inventory Yes No
Convenience of Add-ons Integration Yes Yes
Processing speed Faster( Depends on server) Slower than QB on desktop
Automatic backup Yes Yes
Real-time Multi-User Collaboration Yes Yes
Additional application hosting Yes No
Training needs No Yes
Shipping manager Yes No
Support Yes Yes

To conclude

This comparison table will help you decide whether QuickBooks cloud vs QuickBooks online will help you achieve your business needs more conveniently. 

QuickBooks cloud Hosting is recommended because it delivers much appropriate and faster solutions to the businesses and professionals for their accounting management. On the other hand , the QuickBooks Online has not satisfactorily helped most of the businesses as it lacks the inbuilt desktop features, which is guaranteed while using Quickbooks on cloud. QuickBooks Cloud hosting and solving accounting problems on cloud is inevitable, so QuickBooks Hosting is a better option since all the benefits of cloud are available.