QuickBooks ProAdvisor: Roles, Benefits, and Certification Process

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QuickBooks ProAdvisor: Roles, Benefits, and Certification Process

QuickBooks Software | Updated On September 20th, 2022

QuickBooks ProAdvisor: Roles, Benefits, and Certification Process

In the upcoming sections, we will discuss the numerous intricacies that are related to being certified as a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Moreover, we make an effort to cover the training, certification exam, and various other aspects of the QuickBooks accounting and certification process. In addition to providing training resources, we make an effort to cover all of the many functions that a QuickBooks ProAdvisor is responsible for. Let’s commence!!

What is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

As a business owner, your company’s financial health is critical to your business’s survival. In the early stages of starting a small business or starting your career as an entrepreneur, it is common for you to take on the role of bookkeeper. You must hire a CPA to keep track of your money because it saves you time and helps you keep track of the finances of a vast or growing company. In order to avoid risk, you should look for the cheapest candidate possible. Because they’ll be handling your money, you want to ensure they’re well-equipped and knowledgeable without exceeding your budget. What attributes or characteristics should you be looking for now? ‘ What distinguishes an excellent bookkeeper, accountant, or CPA from the rest? Your wish has been granted as a recommendation to find a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor.

Intuit trains, tests and registers interested individuals as QuickBooks ProAdvisor. As the name suggests, QB ProAdvisor guides other QuickBooks clients and their employees on how to best optimize their QuickBooks software both from a technical and accounting point of view. Intuit-qualified QuickBooks ProAdvisor have access to training materials, software tools, and dedicated support resources by Intuit to guarantee that they will be able to provide you with hands-on, local support whenever it is required.

Role of QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Having a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor in contact with your staff is essential because they’re knowledgeable about accounting and bookkeeping services. If you have a small or medium-sized business, they can serve as your outsourced accounting department.

The important roles and responsibilities performed by QuickBooks ProAdvisor have been listed below:

  • Advising software upgrades to keep up with shifting requirements and enhance operational effectiveness.
  • Assisting customers in learning how to utilize accounting software to monitor corporate finances.
  • Developing reports for use in accounting, including pay stubs, profit and loss statements, and tax returns.
  • Educating customers on how to make the most of their time and money with QuickBooks and providing training.
  • Performing an analysis of the financial accounts to guarantee that they are accurate and comprehensive.
  • Offering guidance on several aspects of personal finance, including investments, cash flow, debt management, and tax planning.
  • To ensure that clients are informed of potential expenses before beginning a project, prepare estimates based on the project’s costs and time frame.
  • Putting together corporate tax filings and conducting data analysis to look for any potential problems with the return.
  • Advising clients on technological improvements will help them run their businesses more efficiently.

Do I Need to Hire a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

If you want to learn how to utilize QuickBooks to its fullest capability for your company or improve the knowledge you already possess, the QuickBooks ProAdvisor program is the next best thing to learning from QuickBooks itself. Reading blogs or watching online instructional videos can only be helpful to some extent, but a person with QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification possesses unsurpassed knowledge related to QuickBooks.

The material presented on videos, blogs, and infographics-based media is frequently recycled and derived from a variety of different sources. When you work with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you can obtain guidance and information that is straightforward, accurate, and up-to-date, and they can also answer any questions you might have. If you want to become an expert user of QuickBooks, the best person to teach you is a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. No one else can teach you more effectively than a QuickBooks ProAdvisor.  

Where Can I Find a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Make a list of the characteristics you want to see in an accountant before beginning your search for a QuickBooks ProAdvisor for your small business. Then you should get ready to investigate on the internet to find someone who fits the profile you are looking for. The website quickbooks.intuit.com/find-an-accountant/ is another option for locating one nearby. 

Suppose you’re able to locate QuickBooks ProAdvisor in your area. In that case, it is necessary to talk to them about the services you’re looking for, the operation your company is into, and the challenges you face. Trained accountants and bookkeepers manage the financial system’s complexity and give practical solutions for business. It won’t be difficult for you to find the ideal solution for both you and your company.

  • State your location.

State your location for finding QuickBooks ProAdvisor

  • Apply a filter based on the company, industry, or business type.

Apply Filters to Find Suitable QuickBooks ProAdvisor

  • Connect with a suitable expert that suits your operations. 


How to Become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Aspiring QuickBooks ProAdvisor don’t need to have a background in accounting or bookkeeping to become certified.

The following steps help aspiring individuals become approved QuickBooks ProAdvisor:

  • Avail of a free trial of QuickBooks Online Accountant subscription.
  • Prepare for the exam by studying it for at least 12 to 16 hours.
  • Pass an 80-question exam with a grade of at least 80 percent.
  • If you fail the exam on your first try, you can retake it often. You’ll be suspended for 60 days if you fail the first three tests. You can retake the exam once the 60-day grace period has expired.

Note: You can’t become a qualified bookkeeper by becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor. It merely shows that you have a working grasp of the prevalent QuickBooks software.

1. Sign up

QuickBooks Online Accountant is where you must keep track of your ProAdvisor account and certification. Create a free account for QuickBooks Online Accountant by providing some basic information. 

  • Mention the first and last name, phone number and email address other essential pieces of information.
  • Please keep in mind that you are under no obligation to provide any private information, including your credit card number.

2. Preparing for QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor Exam

After registering for a free QuickBooks Online Accountant account, you’ll have unlimited access to the course materials, including study guides, webinars, and examinations. Using your QuickBooks Online Accountant’s left-side menu bar, locate the ProAdvisor link and click on the Training tab to begin the training process. To help you prepare for the certification examinations, you’ll find training for all of QuickBooks’ products here.

Also find QuickBooks License: Buy Genuine QuickBooks Desktop License

To pass the exam, you’ll need a basic grasp of accounting principles and a comprehension of the QuickBooks Online Accountant system. Both can be covered in the training course but are not required. If you already have this information, you can skip through to the test and get your certification. You can obtain continuing professional education (CPE) credits toward the maintenance of your CPA license while studying for the certification exam.

Users can access the study materials by: 

  • Proceed to the menu labeled “Team”.
  • Click on the tab labeled “Training”.

3. Taking the exam

You can access the certification exams by using the “Take Exam” button in the upper-right corner of QuickBooks Online Certification’s course list. The exam consists of 80 questions, divided into five portions, and no examination fee is involved. To finish all five portions of the test it requires total of three and a half hours.

When you’re taking an exam, you have the option to go back and look at your answers before submitting them. For finishing each section’s test, it requires single session. To earn your certification, you must successfully answer at least 80% of the questions in each area. You can retake the test as many times as you like. There is a 60-day waiting period after three failed attempts to take the exam.

It’s recommended that you open your study guide to the section of the exam you’re taking during this open-book exam. It’s also a good idea to have QuickBooks open in case you need it.

What are the Benefits of Becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

Being a Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor offers several advantages, including a deep understanding of small businesses’ most popular accounting software. Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor is listed on the Find-a-ProAdvisor online directory. Connecting with potential clients and building a client list is also one of the biggest perks of being a Certified ProAdvisor.

  1. Your ProAdvisor Profile rises in the rankings as you accumulate points. Your credibility will increase, as will your online presence.
  2. ProAdvisor Profile can also help you expand your network and establish your authority in the industry.
  3. There are numerous marketing materials available through ProAdvisor certification that will help you stand out from the competition and produce leads.
  4. As your firm rises in the rankings, you’ll have access to more program features, discounts, product support, and training. 
  5. Certified Pro Advisors can attach their accreditation badge to their website, emails, and business cards.
  6. Unlimited phone help from QuickBooks specialists in the United States is available.
  7. Free or reduced costs for all the superior products and services from QuickBooks.
  8. You can pass on a 30% discount for QuickBooks Pro/Enterprise to your customers and clients.
  9. You gain a thorough understanding of the QuickBooks line of products.
  10. Being certified in QuickBooks might be incredibly advantageous if you’re a bookkeeper or accountant who provides bookkeeping and payroll services. With more than 80% market share in accounting software for small businesses, you can expect that most of your clients will be using QuickBooks.

How Long does it Take to Become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

The time it takes to complete a certification ideally depends on the type of certification you’re pursuing.

  • Qualifying for your QuickBooks Desktop Certification examination can take up to four hours.
  • Training sessions for course completion can take up to 12 hours.
  • Two hours are allotted for the QuickBooks Online Certification exam.
  • We offer training sessions that might take up to seven hours to complete to assist you in passing the exam.
  • If you’ve already passed the certification exam for the previous year, you can take a 30-minute “What’s new” exam to see what’s changed this year.
  • The optional modules are there for your convenience, so you don’t have to take them all if that’s what your certification program requires. However, if the training modules qualify for CPE credits, you must complete them separately.

QuickBooks makes free training materials, including self-guided modules, webinars, and even live course choices, available to make the company’s certification procedure as user-friendly as possible. You do not need specialized schooling or certification, nor a background in accounting or bookkeeping. You can become a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor in as little as two weeks if you commit just one or two hours each day to the training program.


By now, you should be familiar with the basics of QuickBooks certifications thanks to this article. You would’ve also learned about the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Certification and why it is so important in today’s industry to become QuickBooks Certified. The article also talks about what it takes to be a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor. There are several advantages to being a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, which we’ll go over in the closing half of this article.


How Much does a QuickBooks ProAdvisor Charge

The starting rate for the majority of QuickBooks ProAdvisor is approximately $22.44 per hour, which is the average rate that they charge for their services.

What are Requirements for Becoming a QuickBooks ProAdvisor

QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification requires a passing score of at least 80% on the QuickBooks certification exam. 

How Much does it Cost to Become a QuickBooks ProAdvisor (QuickBooks ProAdvisor certification)

The examination, which is made up of a total of 80 questions and is broken down into five distinct sections, can be taken at no cost. The QuickBooks Accountant Desktop Plus software is included in the annual fee of $499 that is required to purchase a membership to the QuickBooks Desktop ProAdvisor program. You can become certified in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, or all of these programs, depending on your client’s requirements.

Can we Give the QuickBooks Certification Exam

Yes, all interested individuals can give the ProAdvisor exam after registering themselves for the exam and completing all the essential modules. 

Will my Certificate of QuickBooks ProAdvisor Stay Valid Forever

Individuals who cleared their QuickBooks ProAdvisor exam prior to December 31, 2018, were able to maintain their certifications for three (3) years. People who cleared their certifications post January 1, 2019 can only retain it for two years.

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