Adding QuickBooks Users and Granting Them Access

Table of Contents:



  • Add a New User
  • Assign Roles to Users


Disclaimer: Only QuickBooks Administrator can do the changes


Add a New User

  1. Go to the Company tab and select Users.
  2. Now select the Set Up Users and Roles.
  3. Navigate to the User List tab.
  4. Click New.
  5. Type a new username and password.
  6. Select OK to add the new user.

Assign Roles to Users

  1. Move to the Company menu and move to Users.
  2. Select the Set Up Users and Roles.
  3. Visit the User List.
  4. Click on the user’s name and hit Edit.
  5. Pick a role within the Available Roles section and hit Add.
  6. Assign additional roles for the users as per the requirements.
  7. Tap on OK when done.



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