How to fix QuickBooks Payroll Error 15107?

Table of Contents:

  • What is QuickBooks Payroll Error 15017?
  • What are the effects of Error 15017?
  • Reasons that cause QuickBooks Error 15017
  • 5 Solutions to resolve the QuickBooks Error 15107


What is QuickBooks Payroll Error 15107?

QuickBooks error 15107 occurs when the user is unable to download the payroll updates launched by Intuit QuickBooks online login. The error states that ‘The Payroll can’t be initialized’. There might be some positive factors leading to this error code, which is discussed in the article below.

What is QuickBooks Payroll Error 15107?


What are the Effects of Error 15107?

Effects are listed below:- 

  • The accounting system becomes inefficient.
  • When payroll stops working.
  • The system might close down.


Reasons that Cause QuickBooks Error 15107

This error code occurs when you are updating QuickBooks or updating payroll. Here is the list of reasons that cause the error:-

  • QuickBooks update is incomplete or purposefully closed.
  • Registry documents that are harmful or corrupt.
  • Payroll files have been corrupted or have been damaged.
  • The relationship is being blocked by firewall settings.
  • An attack on your computer or network via malware.


5 Solutions to resolve the QuickBooks Error 15107

The user can follow the given troubleshooting solution to clear up the error code 15107.

Solution 1: Restart your computer

  1. The first thing you have to do is to restart the system. Sometimes, the errors are resolved without problems by rebooting the system.
  2. Restart QuickBooks as well as your computer. As a result, the error code will be reset & vanish from the device screen. In turn, it will increase the efficiency of the software and device. 
  3. Follow the next solution shown below if the error is not solved.


Solution 2: Run reboot.bat file

Run the reboot.bat file in your system. In this solution, there are some steps that you must follow to resolve the error are listed below:-

  1. Press the “Windows” or “Start” key.
  2. Enter ‘reboot.bat’ in the seek dialog box and then click on the “enter” button. 
  3. On the display screen, the command prompt windows will appear.
  4. There will be dozens of file names displayed on your device. You will encounter problems if you close it forcefully. Avoid doing so at the moment!
  5. After the reboot.bat utility gets finished, allow it to close down on its own.


Solution 3: Download the QuickBooks update

The user can also get rid of QuickBooks issues 15107 by downloading the QuickBooks update. Follow the steps:-

  1. Close the QuickBooks software.
  2. Then, navigate to the ‘C: Documents and Settings All Users Application Data Intuit QuickBooks v>components‘ folder.
  3. The user must look for the folder with the name of ‘DownloadQBxx,’ where xx specifies the QuickBooks version. For example- DownloadQB1.
  4. Rename the folder ‘DownloadQBxx.OLD‘.
  5. Restart the QuickBooks program.
  6. Navigate to the “Help” tab, then to the “Update QuickBooks desktop” icon, then to the “Update Now” option.
  7. Tap on the “Reset the Updates” icon.
  8. Click on the “Get Updates” button to download the latest QB update.
  9. Once the QuickBooks is downloaded, close and reopen it and then click on the “Install the update” icon.


Solution 4: Fix the Internet Explorer, security, and firewall issues

  1. Make sure that the ‘Time and Date’ in the system is correct.
  2. It is important to verify the strength of the network.
  3. For updating and repairing the settings, use the ‘Internet’ alternative and ‘Tools’.


Solution 5: Run the QuickBooks Clean Install Tool

Use the ‘QuickBooks clean install’ tool to help you to solve this error.

Follow the steps that are listed below:–

  1. Download the ‘QuickBooks Clean Install’ tool and save it on the computer.
  2. Tap on the “QuickBooks_Clean_Install_Utility.Exe” to open the file. 
  3. A pop-up window of ‘Permission Field’ will appear, tap on the ‘I accept’ icon on license settlement.
  4. After that, choose the “Continue” tab.
  5. Tap on the “OK” icon.



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