User Guided Access For iPad, iOS, and Android Devices

Set Up Guided Access For iPad, iOS, and Android Devices

Here’s how you can set up Guided Access for iPad/iPhones, and Android with Sagenext Cloud Hosting Platform:

Download Remote Desktop Connection for your respective device by following the given links.

For iPad/iPhone Click here. For Android Click here.

Step 1: Once the Remote Desktop Connection is downloaded and application, open it and click on the “+” Sign from the top right corner.

Step 1 for Guided Access

Step 2: Click “Add PC”.

Step 2 for Guided Access

Step 3:  Sagenext will provide The “PC NAME”.

Step 4: Select the option “USER ACCOUNT”.

Step 4 for Guided Access

Step 5: Enter the registered Email ID and Password shared by Sagenext and click on “Save”.

Step 5 for Guided Access

Step 6: Click “Save” on the top right corner.

Step 6

Step 7: Double click on the box to connect to your Sagenext Remote Server.

Step 7


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