How to Install RDS on Windows 2019 and Activate RDS License Server

Install RDS by Installing Related Roles on Server Manager

To install RDS on Windows 2019, you must install related roles on the server manager.

Follow the steps given below to install Related roles on Server Manager: 

Step 1: First, you need to navigate to the Windows server. From therein, go to “Server Manager” and click on the “Add roles and features” option.

Step 2: On the “Server Roles” box, select “Remote Desktop Services” and “Remote Desktop Licensing Diagnoser”. Lastly, choose the “Next” option.

Install RDS on Windows 2019 Step 2

Step 3: Select the “Role Services” in the Add Roles and Features Wizard.

Step 4: Now, click on the “Add Feature” on the pop-up message.

Step 5: Select the “Remote Desktop Licensing” and “Remote Desktop Session Host” checkboxes among the options available in the Role services.

Add Roles and Features Wizard

Step 6: At last, users must choose the “Yes” option on the warning message.

Once you select the Yes option, wait for the installation process to finish, and you have successfully installed RDS.

Activation of RDS License Server (RDS Server Installation)

Step 1. Access the Remote Desktop Licensing Manager”. Click the server name and then choose the option to Activate Server”.

Access Remote Desktop Licensing to Activate RDS

Step 2. Activate the Licenses on the “Remote Desktop License Server” tab.

Activate Server Wizard Connection Method

Step 3. On the “Company Information window,” fill in the prompt required fields and click “Next” to activate your License Server.

RDS License Company Info

Step 4. Once activation is complete, select the Start Install Licenses Wizard checkbox and click Finish”.

Complete RDS License Server Activation

Installation of Licenses on the Remote Desktop License Server

 Step 1. When the “Welcome to the install licenses wizard,” prompt comes up, click on Next.

 Step 2. Select the program from where you obtained your RDS CALs (Client Access Licenses), and then click Next on the License Program page. The Service Provider License Agreement is the one to go with if you give services to others.

 Step 3.  As per the Windows RDS Licensing Program, you choose on the previous page, type either the license code or the agreement number you got when you bought your RDS CALs, and then click Next.

Step 4. Choose the Windows Service edition on the “Product Version and License Type page”, and then choose “RDS Per User CAL for the license type”. Proceed by selecting the “Next” icon.

 Step 5. When the RDS CALs are installed on the server, click Finish” and check the result.