How to scan in Lacerte DMS or ProSeries DMS?

The following is a quick reference guide if you are unfamiliar with scanning into DMS, or have not used it until now.

Steps to Scan in Lacerte DMS or ProSeries DMS

  1. Select Scan from the Document and choose the drop Down menu or Scan on the toolbar to open the Scan Documents window.
  2. Under scanner properties, select a TWAIN-compliant scanner. [TWAIN] and the scanner’s name will appear on a TWAIN-compliant scanner. It is not compliant if it contains WIA or [WIA].
  3. Choose whether to display custom scan properties before scanning or to scan using these scan properties. For clear scans, we recommend 300 DPI.
  4. Select Scan, once the document is in the scanner.
  5. Use the Page Management feature to remove or rearrange the pages after the document has been scanned.
  6. Give the file a name in the Save Document section (you can either give it a new name or select from a list).
  7. If the current location is correct, choose another one to proceed to the next step. Simply select the right location if it needs to be altered.
  8. Select the customer and folder you want to save the document in from the list of clients and folders.
  9. Choose OK.
  10. Select Save once you’ve double-checked that everything is in order.
  11. If you have more papers, go back to Step 3 and continue. If you are done, tap on the ‘Close’ button. 


Your document should now be in DMS. By going to the client and location where you directed it, you should now be able to view the file.