QuickBooks is one of the fastest improving accounting applications of modern times. It has been bringing timely upgrades ever since it was introduced. It is the reason why it has been considered one of the best applications for handling your accounts and finance.

It is extremely important to have an insight into your business data. It helps you ensure business growth and draft your future business policies. QuickBooks Advanced Reporting (QBAR) allows you to analyze and understand your important business information and helps you make timely, informed decisions.

Decision-making is one of the cardinal aspects of a growing business. However, it is not easy to grapple through your complex business data and statistics to come up with accurate analysis to back your decisions. That is where advanced reporting tools like QBAR come to your rescue. They make it easy for you to study your business situation and make better decisions.

QuickBooks, having realized the importance of an effective reporting tool, introduced QuickBooks Advanced Reporting (QBAR) for all QB Enterprise versions. It allows you to study all your critical information for improved decision-making, within a few clicks only.

What is QuickBooks Advanced Reporting?

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting is an important functionality of QuickBooks Enterprise that allows you to create customized reports. Using QBAR, you can utilize your QuickBooks data and construct your report on the basis of your specific requirements. It helps you analyze your business performance and provides insights for improved decision making.

QBAR is a user-friendly reporting application that builds visually attractive and easy to understand reports. It helps you construct complex reports that cannot be created by a common QuickBooks reporting application.

What are the Features of QBAR?

Advanced Reporting is equipped with numerous powerful features and functionalities. They are as follows:

It is Exceptionally User-friendly

QuickBooks has been known for bringing powerful tools that are easy to use. The QuickBooks Advanced Reporting tool is another addition to their list of user-friendly and efficient applications. It becomes extremely easy for you to get familiar with the visually captivating and colorful dashboard. With QBAR, it is very convenient for you to glide through the application to discover the required options.

It has Bundled Templates

The reporting tool has almost all the industry-specific reports available for the users on the dashboard. It helps you easily locate the report you require. The reports are categorized on the basis of specific transactions. It is the result of the amazing work that the QuickBooks team has put together.

For example, if you are a wholesale store owner you might require reports related to sales, profits, sales forecasting, backorders, etcetera. The QBAR will have all such reports accessible to you on the dashboard.

It is Highly Versatile

The versatility of the QuickBooks Advanced Reporting tool in QB Enterprise is commendable. It is compatible with numerous industries including but not limited to accounts and manufacturing. Irrespective of the industry type, the reporting tool works harmoniously to help you analyze various aspects of your business.

Moreover, you can utilize the graphs, images, charts, and other information to build a customized report from the beginning.

Help Portal

In order to help you learn about the application, the QBAR has a comprehensive help portal. It offers all the reporting support and guidance you require to build reports for your specific requirements. The portal encompasses numerous documents, tutorials, case studies, and how-to videos to help you create your customized reports.

Other important features of QBAR include productivity and security tools, work order scheduling, price changes by class, and inventory management systems, etcetera. All these features help you realize the impact of the QBAR on your business within no time.

How can You Access QuickBooks Advanced Reporting?

You can access the QBAR tool if you are a silver, gold, or platinum subscriber of the QuickBooks Enterprise application. In order to utilize the functionality, you are required to follow these steps:

  • The Advanced Reporting feature, by default, is accessible to only an admin. However, you, as an admin, can permit other users to utilize this feature. For that, you would have to go to the ‘Setup Users and Roles’ option under the ‘User’ which you can find under ‘Company’. You can find the permissions in the permission tree that is located under ‘QuickBooks Advanced Reporting’, under ‘File’.
  • To use the QBAR feature, you (or a user having the access permissions) can open the file you want to use with the tool. You have to open it in a multi-user mode.
  • Once you have opened the file, you can navigate to the ‘Advanced Reporting’ option available under the ‘Reports’ menu.

It is important to note that the tool takes a few moments to build the data model if it is being utilized for the first time. Your file size also impacts the time it takes to load the data. However, there are no impacts on other users working simultaneously on other tasks.

The QBAR application will take lesser time for subsequent loads as it will be updating only the modifications made since the last load. In case you are certain that there are no significant modifications since the last time, you can skip them and make the action quicker.

How can You Customize Your Report with QBAR?

QuickBooks Advanced Reporting tool allows you to customize almost all the facets of your reports. Here’s how you can customize your report:

  1. You can utilize the starter reports that have a resemblance to the existing QuickBooks reports.
  2. You can employ the regular customization tools like text, chart, table, and utility, etcetera, available in the Library.
  3. To filter the information that you will be using in your report, you can choose any list box to add to the report from the Library.
  4. For having the information in the right format, you can right-click on the object you wish to customize and select ‘Properties’.

QuickBooks Enterprise, through QBAR, offers a robust application with a user-friendly interface, to help you create customized reports. These reports are crucial for your business growth.

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