ATX Tax Software is a powerful solution designed to simplify tax prep processes and improve overall productivity. Tax preparation can be daunting for accountants, CPAs, tax professionals, and bookkeepers, with tight deadlines and complex regulations often adding to the stress. Enter ATX Tax Software, a robust solution designed to streamline your tax preparation workflow and enhance efficiency.

Whether you’re dealing with individual or business taxes, ATX provides the tools needed to simplify the process, reduce errors, and improve client satisfaction. In this blog, we will explore the ATX software, key features, benefits, price, review and compare it to other popular options, and provide insights into how it can revolutionize your tax prep workflow in 2024.

What is ATX Software?

TX software refers to ATX™ Tax Preparation Software, a program Designed for CPAs, accountants and tax professionals accounting firms by Wolters Kluwer. it streamlines your workflow with features like a comprehensive library of forms, automated calculations that reduce errors, and a secure client portal for easy collaboration. It’s an on-premise software, but can also be accessed remotely through cloud hosting (additional cost).

ATX Tax Software Features

ATX Tax Software offers a vast library of tax forms and schedules, covering federal, state, and local tax needs. This comprehensive collection ensures that you have all the necessary documents at your fingertips, reducing the time spent searching for specific forms and increasing your efficiency.

1. Automated Calculations and Error Checking

One of the best features of ATX is its automated calculations and error-checking power. The software automatically performs complex tax calculations, minimizing the risk of human error. Additionally, it checks for potential errors and discrepancies, helping you catch mistakes before they become costly issues.

2. Client Portal for Secure Data Exchange

ATX includes a client portal that facilitates secure and safe data exchange between you and your clients. This feature enhances communication, allowing clients to upload necessary documents and review their returns, while also ensuring that sensitive information is protected.

3. Integration with Other Accounting Software

Seamless integration with other accounting software is another major advantage of ATX. Whether you’re using QuickBooks, Sage, or another platform, ATX can integrate smoothly, enabling you to import data directly and streamline your workflow further.

4. Support for Various Tax Types

ATX supports a wide range of tax types, including individual, business, estate, and trust taxes. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for tax professionals handling diverse client portfolios, ensuring that all your tax preparation needs are met within a single platform.

5. Increased Accuracy and Reduced Errors

The automated calculations and error-checking features significantly increase the accuracy of tax returns, reducing the likelihood of mistakes that can lead to audits or penalties.

6. Faster Completion of Tax Returns

With a comprehensive library of forms, automated processes, and seamless integrations, ATX enables faster completion of tax returns, allowing you to serve more clients in less time.

7. Improved Client Communication and Collaboration

The client portal fosters better communication and collaboration, making it easier to gather necessary information from clients and keep them informed throughout the tax preparation process.

8. Time Savings and Increased Productivity

By automating routine tasks and integrating with existing accounting software, ATX saves valuable time, allowing you to focus on more complex aspects of tax preparation and ultimately increase your productivity.

ATX Tax Software Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Comprehensive features for complex tax situations Can be expensive for small firms or individual use
Easy to use interface (especially for forms-based filing) Data entry for multi-state returns can be cumbersome
Strong error checking and compliance tools Customer service reviews are mixed
Remote access with cloud hosting option (additional cost) May be overkill for simple tax returns
Established software with a long track record User interface may feel outdated compared to some competitors

ATX Tax Software Price and Features

When evaluating ATX Tax Software, it’s essential to balance the features offered with the price to determine the best value for your tax preparation needs. The software comes in various subscription plans, each tailored to different user requirements. Here’s a breakdown of the key features and their associated costs, available at Wolters Kluwer’s website .

Plan Features Price
ATX 1040
  • Federal Individual
  • 3 States
  • Pay-Per-Return for Business
  • 75 Free E-Files
  • E-Signature
  • Payroll Compliance Reporting
  • Federal Individual
  • Unlimited State Individual
  • Federal Business
  • State Business
  • Unlimited E-Filing for Individual and Business
  • E-Signature
  • Payroll Compliance Reporting
  • CCH® AnswerConnect Prime Package
ATX Total Tax Office
  • Federal Individual
  • Unlimited State Individual
  • Federal Business
  • State Business
  • Unlimited E-Filing for Individual and Business
  • E-Signature
  • Payroll Compliance Reporting
  • Sales and Use Forms
  • CCH® AnswerConnect Expert Package
ATX Advantage
  • Federal Individual
  • Unlimited State Individual
  • Federal Business
  • State Business
  • Unlimited E-Filing for Individual and Business
  • E-Signature
  • Payroll Compliance Reporting
  • Sales and Use Forms
  • Advanced Calculations and Compliance
  • Enhanced Asset Management
  • CCH® AnswerConnect Expert Package
  • Concierge Care
  • Conversion Services

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ATX Tax Software Reviews

These reviews are from Capterra, a trusted platform for software reviews.

User Name Comment Pros Cons Review Rating
Mary, CPA I really appreciate the value of ATX. I pay a flat fee regardless of how many returns I efile and all the forms I need are available to me. I am amazed at how in depth this system is. It is fairly easy to figure out once you get into the system. I appreciate that the rollover feature is simple and updates all the information I need. Some features are difficult to figure out which box needs to be checked to make the system calculate the outcome correctly. Also, the bank information is not saved when there is no refund. Also, the preparer info does not rollover to the next year which is somewhat frustrating as I am the only preparer and nothing changes year to year, but I still have to input that information. 5.0
Natalie They are just too big for a small tax prep office. I’ve used ATX since 2008 I had no complaints other than cost was just rising and rising The program can do so much more than I need it to do. It is therefore priced itself out of my range 5.0
George Not A Software you rely on. I only used ATX for the price but, you get what you paid for. I am not impressed with ATX and finding different solution even with more money will help increasing the client’s retention ratio. ATX updates and downloads are easy and smooth, data entry is not that bad on Federal forms, you just cross your figures that those amounts transfer correctly to the States. Generally, it is good for W2 with one state tax return other than that I will highly suggest move to different solution if have mid to high complex return for the sake of client retention. Don’t get me started, ATX is not the software you depend on, ATX will play a role in expediting loosing clients due to inaccuracy. You enter a % and think it will calculate, which in a lost of cases it will not, and if you call support, they will give you the run around. If you do multi States in ATX, you have to review all lines and forms to make sure all amounts are transferred correctly, I do have few cases that I sent to support inquiring about wrong amounts entered that was an old tax codes for the year and the answer is they will send it for development, WHAT, after tax season imagine how many notices will be sent to clients that I will take the burden to fix due to ATX errors and issues. 1.0

ATX Tax Software Alternative

Intuit ProSeries

While Intuit ProSeries software is known for its user-friendly interface and strong support, ATX offers a more comprehensive library of forms and better integration capabilities, making it a more versatile choice for professionals handling a wide range of tax needs.

Drake Tax

Drake Tax software is another popular option, known for its robust features and competitive pricing. However, ATX’s client portal and automated error-checking provide an edge in terms of client communication and accuracy.

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Add-ons For ATX Tax Software

  • CCH IntelliConnect
  • SmartVault
  • PaperlessPlus
  • QuickBooks

If you use QuickBooks for client accounting, you can integrate it with ATX to streamline data transfer and reduce manual data entry. Also, you can host QuickBooks on cloud for anywhere, anytime access.


In summary, ATX Tax Software offers a range of features designed to streamline tax preparation workflows, enhance accuracy, and improve client communication. Its comprehensive form library, automated processes, and seamless integrations make it an invaluable tool for accountants, CPAs, tax professionals, and bookkeepers. To learn more about how ATX can benefit your practice, consider exploring a free trial or attending a webinar.


What is ATX tax?

ATX Tax is not a specific tax, but rather ATX Tax Software. It’s a professional software program designed for accountants and tax professionals to prepare tax returns.

How to download ATX software?

Downloading ATX software typically requires a purchase or subscription from Wolters Kluwer, the company that makes ATX. They might offer downloads through their website or a dedicated portal for licensed users.

Who makes ATX software?

ATX software is developed and sold by Wolters Kluwer. They are a global provider of information and software solutions for various industries, including accounting and tax.

What is the full form of ATX software?

ATX software doesn’t have a confirmed official full form. It likely doesn’t stand for anything specific and is simply a brand name.