The QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) application by Intuit is essential software for your business and this is powerful software goes beyond traditional POS systems, elevating client satisfaction and employee performance. It helps keep your departments organized and assists in tracking sales, counting inventories, and managing customer information effectively. Slow systems can frustrate customers and limit productivity. Hosting QuickBooks POS in the cloud provides the speed and efficiency your business needs to meet varying demands. A cloud-hosted QB POS offers numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes.

With QuickBooks POS cloud hosting, you can synchronize employee records, inventory, sales orders, and payroll data with a single click. This synchronization streamlines your accounting processes, eliminating the need to re-enter data from Point of Sale into your accounting application.

Benefits of QuickBooks POS Hosting in 2024

Here we are listing down the top 20 benefits of QuickBooks POS hosting in 2024.

1. Easier Access

QuickBooks POS hosting offers you easy access to all your application resources. You have the flexibility to access your hosted POS application through a desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet connected to the internet.

Most importantly, it enables remote access which is extremely important for your business in this hypercompetitive world. It helps you ensure business continuity amidst testing times like that of the current COVID-19. As your employees are able to work from their respective locations, you get your things done while making sure everyone is safe and healthy.

2. Improved Security

With QuickBooks POS, you get the most sophisticated tools that guarantee total data security against malicious applications. The security measures incorporated by the providers also make the data secure against natural calamities like floods, earthquakes, fires, etcetera.

Moreover, the hosting providers include state-of-the-art security standards like data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and uninterrupted network monitoring to offer protection to your data against any possible threat.

3. Reduced Expenses

QuickBooks Point of Sale desktop hosting helps you significantly reduce your business expenses while enhancing performance and productivity. It enables you to utilize some of the most complex business solutions without investing in expensive hardware infrastructure.

The QuickBooks POS hosting providers also offer you an effective system administration. This further reduces the cost of maintenance on your part.

4. Automatic Backup

You get automatic backup functionality with the QuickBooks POS. This ensures your data and files are safe against threats like server crash, hardware failure, and accidental file deletion.

The regular data backups help you restore your data to its original form, whenever an unfortunate event leads to data loss.

5. Round the Clock Customer Support

All QuickBooks Point of Sale hosting service providers offer 24/7 customer support that ensures you go about your business as seamlessly as possible. Moreover, these services come at no additional cost.

The providers have a highly dedicated team of professionals who deliver quality services with great promptness. It plays a vital role in the overall success of your business. To top it all, the team of experts is just a chat, phone call, or email away.

6. Multi-store Hosting

QuickBooks POS hosting allows you to have a centralized database for multiple locations. It enables you to accept multiple orders simultaneously, without any inconvenience. This plays an important role in helping you achieve higher client satisfaction.

7. Lean IT Infrastructure

A cloud-hosted QuickBooks POS application helps you focus more on your core business processes as you do not have to deal with the technology part. It is taken care of by the hosting service provider. Because the application is hosted on the cloud, you do not need to invest in large, expensive hardware devices.

In the absence of a big in-house IT infrastructure, you also don’t require a dedicated IT team to maintain it. This not only helps you save a lot of your money but allows you to have a lean IT infrastructure.

8. Easy Collaboration

QB Point of Sale is conducive to collaboration with third-party professionals, accountants, and bookkeepers. It provides a better environment for you to share your data and files quickly and efficiently, without having the need to send the files back and forth via emails.

It enables you to work smoothly with outsourced professionals, whenever required, and helps you make quick and efficient decisions that ensure higher business growth.

9. Smoother Integration

QuickBooks is well known for its superior integration and communication features. The Point of Sale software is no different. While both the bookkeeping and POS application works well individually, they do perform exceptionally well together.

With QB POS hosting, you can integrate your POS and bookkeeping applications to enjoy the superior benefits of them working as a team.

10. Highly Adaptable

Your ability to meet the fluctuating demands of this ever-changing business landscape is critical to your success as a businessman. QuickBooks POS offers SaaS products and various desktop versions that suit your varying business demands.

You can quickly scale up or down, as and when needed, and are required to pay only for the resources you are utilizing at that particular time.

11. Multitasking

Your business processes need constant swapping between management and other roles. Say for instance a customer walks into your store while you are looking into your payroll data. This might need you to switch to a service role in order to entertain the customer. QuickBooks POS hosting enables you to do so without abandoning your current unfinished task.

You and your employees do not require to choose between various tasks. You can multitask and cater to your different needs simultaneously. It provides the pace your business requires.

12. Superior Management Tools

QuickBooks POS desktop cloud hosting comes with great management tools that ensure you manage your varied business demands effectively. While creating an original report with the application is fairly easy, it does have more than fifty automated report features. You can utilize it to quickly draw up a report and analyze it for making an impactful, data-backed business decision.

You can also review inventory, look over the vendor information, and adjust the prices of your products using the POS application. It is truly an application that lets you operate in an expedient fashion.

13. Agile and Reliable

QB Point of Sale application offers your business the agility it needs. The highly reliable and lightening quick server enables you to achieve great efficiency and performance. It not only makes your business capable of catering to shifting demands but also enables you to accomplish your accounting activities on the go.

14. Improved Data Integrity

Your QuickBooks POS hosting provider incorporates some of the highest-rated data protocols and practices that maintain the integrity of your critical accounting data and files. The service providers remain vigilant against any possible threat to ensure the confidentiality of your information is not violated.

15. Higher Compatibility

The need for compatibility is another important aspect of a modern business. Your QuickBooks POS software is compatible with most of your devices. You can access and use your hosted application from any device that is connected to the internet. You can use it on your smartphones, laptops, or desktops.

16. Maximum Server Uptime

It is extremely important for your business that your application is up and running most of the time. Having frequent downtimes not only hurts your business processes but also annoys your clients or customers.

Your QB POS hosting provider ensures that your application server is operational and you get through all your activities smoothly. You get a guaranteed uptime of 99.9 percent when you host your QuickBooks POS on the cloud. These uninterrupted services are vital to your business growth and productivity.

17. Improved Productivity

All the amazing features of QB Point of Sale software, combined together with the superior customer support you get from your hosting provider, ensure your business attains the productivity it deserves. The enhanced productivity not only makes sure you achieve your defined goals but also keeps your customers satisfied.

18. Easy to Use

Even after having so many features and functionalities that enhance the overall quality and performance of your business, QuickBooks POS is simple and easy to use. You and your employees can get familiar with its user-friendly interface and can get through most of your tasks within a few clicks of the mouse (or taps of the thumb). Moreover, it is very convenient and easy for you to train your new employees.

19. Automatic Updates

While it is important to have all the up-to-date features of an application at your disposal, regularly looking for upgrades becomes an anxious activity for you. You get automatic updates with your QuickBooks POS software. This frees you from constantly tracking the updates and going through the demanding process of installing them as soon as they are available.

20. Competitive Advantage

Unlike most of its counterparts, the QuickBooks POS application is high on utility and low on price. It is budget-friendly software that offers some of the most sophisticated and contemporary features that provide you a competitive edge over your business competitors. It is just the right application that offers you a much-needed environment to grow in a highly competitive world.


The QuickBooks Point of Sale (POS) application by Intuit stands as a pivotal tool for modern businesses, surpassing traditional POS systems with its extensive capabilities that boost client satisfaction and employee performance. Its cloud-hosted solution offers unmatched benefits, including easier access, improved security, reduced expenses, and automatic backups. With features like multi-store hosting, seamless integration, and superior management tools, QuickBooks POS hosting ensures your business remains agile, productive, and competitive in an ever-evolving market. Embracing QuickBooks POS in 2024 means leveraging a powerful, adaptable, and user-friendly solution that drives efficiency and supports continuous growth.