Technology is transforming the world even faster than we can imagine. Not too long ago accountants were sitting on outdated computers with a bunch of papers and a calculator to get their accounting jobs done. Today, if you see someone doing the same, you would say the person did not keep up with the technology and digital age. You have sophisticated applications like QuickBooks that help you easily manage all the accounting tasks of your business.

QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting is an advanced accounting solution from Intuit. It is capable of fulfilling all the accounting needs of all Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs).

Benefits of QuickBooks Pro Hosting

There is a vast array of benefits that the QuickBooks Pro hosting provides you in order to make your business more productive, profitable, and efficient. The following are the top 20 advantages you get with the accounting application:

1. Lean IT Infrastructure

Working with cloud-based QuickBooks Pro allows you to get rid of your expensive hardware storage and server systems. It makes your overall IT infrastructure lean and tidy. All your resources remain on the cloud and are accessible through the internet.

2. Cost-Efficient

QuickBooks Pro hosting enhances the cost-efficiency of your organization as you do not require to purchase and maintain costly hardware. Moreover, the hosting service provider also handles the technical side. This provides you the freedom of not having a dedicated IT team to cater to various technical issues, saving a lot of your money.

3. On-demand Access

QuickBooks Pro desktop cloud hosting allows your employees to access the application and resources, as and when required, irrespective of where they are located and what device or platform they are using while accessing. Considering the current pandemic situation, it is a great advantage as your business is operational even when the office is shut.

4. Simplified Accounting

QuickBooks makes accounting fairly simple for you and your staff. It has an uncomplicated interface that can be easily understood and worked with, even for those who have limited technical knowledge.

5. Effective Sales Invoicing

QuickBooks Pro presents effective sales monitoring and invoicing system. It enables you to monitor and track all your deals, while also allowing you to generate invoices and receipts automatically. With QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting, you also get the choice of the individual as well as bulk billing.

6. Full Desktop Environment

With QB Pro cloud hosting, you get all the functionalities and features of a QuickBooks desktop on any device that has a connection to the internet. This enables you to handle your accounting operations even more conveniently and comfortably.

7. Data Privacy

With QuickBooks, the administrator gets the privilege to decide the accessibility of your data. All your employees will have their own authorization levels. There is an appropriate system that monitors the access to make sure none of your team members get unauthorized access to any of your information.

Moreover, with the virtual timeline that is associated with each individual transaction, you can identify which of your employees are working on what particular data, and for how long.

8. Data Security

Your QuickBooks hosting service provider makes sure your remote server is in a highly secure data center. It is made sure that security forces are present 24/7 and that there is sufficient power backup at the facility. This way your data is way secure compared to the conventional hardware systems you store your information in.

9. Efficient Expense Management

QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting allows you to efficiently manage your cash transactions. The application’s interface makes it easier for you to keep track of your payment information as well as the deadlines for reoccurring bills. You can also link your customer’s bank accounts with checks printed from the application.

Similarly, you get a lot of management and tracking tools that help you effectively manage your organization’s expenses.

10. User-friendly Interface

Migrating to a new application or software for your critical everyday tasks becomes terrible if it is not user-friendly or customer-centric. Even though QuickBooks Pro comes with a lot of functionalities, it is still quite user-friendly and easy to use. The application is designed with the utmost care for an accountant’s frame of mind. You can access or trigger most of its features within one or two clicks.

11. Seamless Printing and Scanning

The remote QuickBooks Pro server lets you easily print or scan all your bills, checks, and invoices directly from your local setup.

12. Round the Clock Technical Support

Technical snags are an inevitable part of modern business processes. While it is unfair to expect a perfectly smooth and faultless experience, you do appreciate effective and empathetic customer support. With QuickBooks Pro, you get 24/7 IT support that is dedicated to resolving issues that you face while using the application.

Be it email configuration, printer setup, or any other issue, the highly professional team of experts is just an email, chat, or phone call away from you.

13. Highly Customizable

QuickBooks Pro enables you to make easy customizations that help you cater to your varied business needs. This not only allows you to get through your current accounting tasks but also gives you great confidence moving forward.

14. Productivity On the Go

QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting creates a centralized workspace for your business. You can utilize it for having access to all the data and files you require, even when you are working out of the office or traveling. This goes a long way in improving the overall productivity of your business.

You don’t have to wait to get back to the office for making important, timely decisions. Hence, the accounting application offers your business a much required on the go productivity.

15. Effective Collaboration Support

The modern business landscape requires you to collaborate with various accountants and professionals outside your organization. With QuickBooks Pro, you can effectively collaborate with them, sharing data and files easily. You need not send or receive files repeatedly over emails.

16. Efficient Data Backup and Recovery

With QuickBooks Pro on the cloud, your data is not only more secure and protected but has efficient retrieval options as well. Your data is regularly backed up, both offsite and onsite. This makes it extremely easy to recover it if lost due to any unfortunate event.

17. Scalability

In the hypercompetitive world that we live in, it is important for you to invest in technologies and applications that give you the freedom to scale up or down according to your business needs. With QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting, you don’t need to purchase expensive storage devices to meet your additional storage requirements.

Whenever you require additional resources, you just need to raise a request with the hosting provider. They will quickly deploy all the services for you.

18. Minimum Downtime

Your QuickBooks Pro server on the cloud ensures your application is operational most of the time. Reliable Quickbooks hosting providers offer you maximum server uptime. Moreover, they have a team of dedicated professionals who work round the clock to ensure your application is up and running. They are always available to solve any issues that you might face down the road.

19. Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

There are a lot of services that require you to pay a predecided amount irrespective of whether you use them or not. QuickBooks Pro, however, is different. You have to only pay for the services you use.

Its pay-as-you-use structure of payment gives you the freedom to use additional resources, as and when required, and pay for only that specific period. The QuickBooks Pro hosting price is affordable and helps you cut your business expenditure by a significant amount.

20. Environment-Friendly

Last but not the least, QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting enables you to attain your business goals while keeping the environment as clean as possible. With increasing global warming and pollution, giant organizations like Apple are giving priority to environment-friendly products and services.

QuickBooks Pro helps you reduce your carbon footprints by optimizing your business. Moreover, it helps you save the amount that you invest in papers and printings, as most of your tasks can be accomplished digitally.


QuickBooks Pro is the magic wand you are looking for in your business. It brings great productivity and efficiency into your system. QuickBooks Pro cloud hosting lets you manage your organization’s accounts and finances in an intelligent and smart way. A state-of-the-art accounting application delivered through the cloud is just what you require for streamlining all your accounting activities.

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