Though Non Profit Organizations are  eligible for tax breaks, they still need a sufficient amount of money to keep their organization running. As they have to pay their personnel, maintain their infrastructure, arrange their marketing campaigns, and handle a variety of other costs. Moreover, reduced support from governments has added challenges to raise the funds for managing the organization well. It is unrealistic to expect a nonprofit or charity to find a single solution that will address all their issues. Some of their issues, though, may be mitigated with the use of a sophisticated accounting solution like QuickBooks.

Non-profit or charity organizations have unique financial reports and a set of tax implications for-profit organizations. For which, they are required to manage their accounts differently. And to do so, they require accounting tools that cater to their specific needs. The non-profit accounting software offered by QuickBooks is ideal for charities and other nonprofits. In this article, we’ll walk you through how QuickBooks hosting benefits nonprofits and charities and their features.

How QuickBooks Hosting Benefits Charity and Non-Profit Organizations

  • QuickBooks cloud-hosted accounting solution provides the versatility of the desktop application with the accessibility of the online version. It gives great flexibility to all charity and non-profit organizations.
  • QuickBooks hosting offers you a cost-efficient solution to manage all your accounting and financial activities. As you will not have to pay for the expensive IT machines and maintenance costs.
  • QuickBooks cloud hosting also allows you to access your financial reports in real-time. Moreover, you only need web browser and a connection to the internet to access your data from any device
  • You also get all the required technical support from your hosting provider. Hence, you don’t need to employ a dedicated IT team to look after your operations. This further brings down your expenses.
  • With QuickBooks Hosting, you get remote, on-demand access to your data and accounting files. It helps you collaborate with various volunteers across the world.

However, QuickBooks Enterprise Seems more suitable for nonprofits due to its renowned QuickBooks nonprofit features. They don’t have to visit your physical location to help you with your accounts. It is both convenient and cost-effective for all the collaborating parties.

Features of QuickBooks Hosting for Non-profits

Accounting is a daunting task for a non profit organization as there are different tax requirements and varied sources of funds. Moreover, many non-profit and charity organizations can not employ accountants on their payrolls. QuickBooks nonprofit software along with hosting helps you overcome these shortcomings. It offers well-designed and easy-to-use features to help you cater to all your accounting needs. These features help your charity or non-profit organization stay compliant, organized, and productive.

The following are the top 10 features you get with QuickBooks Hosting:

1. Remote Access

A nonprofit usually has no set business or working hours, depending on volunteer availability. This means they need constant access to the local system, which might be challenging to achieve. In addition, there is a great deal of downtime caused by travel to and from the office.

However, with the help of QuickBooks hosting, accounting software accessibility has become a problem of the past. This allows charities and nonprofit organizations to accept donations, view a list of donors, and view bills without having to be physically present at the office.

2. Cost-Effective

Proper infrastructure is needed to store and manage copious amounts of data. However, NGOs cannot make substantial investments in computer hardware and software due to limited funds. By moving QuickBooks to the cloud, nonprofits may be able to do away with this burden. Since cloud hosting companies handle data storage, RAM, user access, and more, there is no need to construct costly on-premise equipment. The service provider will take care of any necessary maintenance, eliminating the need to set aside resources (either financially or in terms of personnel) to do it. 

In addition, reputable QuickBooks hosting providers provide pay-as-you-go pricing options and discounts, which means nonprofits may avoid spending unnecessary funds on administrative costs and instead put those resources into their actual mission.

3. Worldwide Access

Promoting their mission to as many people as possible is essential for NGOs. However, due to the desktop application’s inability to facilitate collaboration with the worldwide workforce, collecting charity and generating finances on a bigger scale might be difficult for the organization.

However, QuickBooks hosting enables international teamwork, and fundraising collaboration by hosting the application on cloud. As multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously. Moreover, it assists in raising people’s understanding of the issue and know when donations are made.

In addition, volunteers from all over the world may communicate with one another and access up-to-the-minute data on donations, donors, invoicing, and other financial matters. In this way, the system’s inherent inconsistency is mitigated.

4. Optimum Levels of Security

Cyberattacks, unintentional data loss, and hardware failures all pose risks to the privacy and accessibility of data for most nonprofits. In order to prevent any unintended losses, it is essential to implement appropriate methods of protection. Hence by hosting QuickBooks Nonprofit on cloud you can have an ease of mind. As QuickBooks Hosting providers provide bank-level security to your data along with automatic data backups every day.

5. Resource Scalability

To be effective, nonprofits must contend with a wealth of available resources. As a result, it’s challenging to handle everything with just one application. Many third-party apps, including Drake Software, QuickBooks Time, Kindful, Donorpath, Avalara, NeonCRM,, and others, are compatible with QuickBooks to help compensate for its lack of functionality. 

However, software performance degrades by running multiple apps on a single local server. Hence by moving QuickBooks on the cloud, you can easily provide scalable resources. This implies that the amount of memory, users, and storage space a charity organization has may be adjusted up or down as needed. To sum up, QuickBooks hosting allows NGOs to quickly scale up their resources to meet the needs of charity drives and fundraising events.

6. Environment Friendly

Most environmental NGOs work to lessen people’s carbon footprints to minimize human impact on the planet. Although this is a desirable goal, it is often elusive due to the prevalence of energy-intensive infrastructure and powerful desktop computers.  Having QuickBooks hosted in the cloud is a greener choice that reduces energy consumption and pollution as all calculations and accounting occur online.

In addition, having the servers hosted off-site completely does away with the necessity for any in-house infrastructure. It helps charitable groups spread their message without negatively hurting the environment by decreasing their power use.

7. Accurate and Up-To-Date Solutions

QuickBooks is well-known for its excellent tailor-made accounting options. For accurate accounting administration, QuickBooks provides a variety of industry-specific forms and files, including those used in retail, marketing, logistics, and more. All of this facilitates quicker processing of data, which in turn speeds up accounting and tax filing.

Since the rules governing nonprofits and charities differ vastly from those governing for-profit businesses, the sector needs more accurate accounting systems. QuickBooks, thankfully, does not fail to deliver. It has several features designed to help these businesses maintain accurate books. Having everything hosted in the cloud guarantees you consistently access the most current rules and programs.

8. External Systems not Required

A local machine running QuickBooks can be expensive and take up valuable storage space. Problems with maintenance and initial configuration are unavoidable processes. Such problems may be disastrous for businesses based on smaller office premises and may even render them inoperable.

With QuickBooks hosting services, all of these problems disappear immediately. The programs are stored in the cloud and may be accessed from any device with internet connectivity, including a mobile phone. Since the hosting company is responsible for system upkeep and installation, NGOs can focus on running operations with few distractions.

9. Superior Support

With QuickBooks hosting, you won’t need to employ software experts and professionals to keep your application up and running. You get the required support from the hosting provider who has skilled staff to help you sort all your technical issues.

You are just a phone call, text, or email away from solving your problems with one of their technical experts.  This quality support means your application works smoothly. This also allows you to focus on the core tasks.

10. Microsoft Integration

With QuickBooks for non-profit, you get to use your prepared letters in Microsoft Word. The application pre-populates the Word letters with your data and you don’t have to retype them. This is possible due to the seamless Microsoft integration you get with QuickBooks Hosting. Moreover you can even integrate with other third-party applications for better operations.

11. Accounts for Non-profits

QuickBooks offers you a Non-profit chart of accounts. This chart has the most commonly used accounts for non-profit or charity organizations. Moreover, you also get a Unified Chart of Accounts that facilitates easy, reliable, and direct data transfer into CRA forms. Moreover, by hosting on cloud, you can easily manage your accounts without any delay in real-time. This further aids users in organizing their financial activities on time.


While it is difficult for you to streamline your non-profit organization’s accounting activities, hosting QuickBooks for a nonprofit helps you accomplish that easily. It is observed that both QuickBooks desktop for nonprofits and QuickBooks online nonprofit are ideal for charity based organizations. 

If you are associated with a not-for-profit organization and chose QuickBooks as your ideal tool for managing finances. Then, you can host QuickBooks for non-profit with the Sagenext. You get all the hosting options at reasonably affordable costs, round-the-clock technical support, and effective data backup and recovery capabilities.


Does QuickBooks Nonprofit Include Payroll

Yes, the payroll feature is a prevalent feature in almost all of the Intuit QuickBooks products. 

How Much Does QuickBooks Desktop for Nonprofits Cost

The average monthly cost for QuickBooks for Nonprofit is $130. 

What Version of QuickBooks is Best for a Nonprofit

For nonprofit organizations and charities that require sophisticated accounting tools, QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit is a versatile option and one of our top picks for best small company accounting software.

Can I use QuickBooks for Nonprofit Organization

Intuit has two QuickBooks software: QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks for Nonprofit (Enterprise) application especially Designed for Nonprofit Organizations and Charities.