Having an already tedious task of advising the financial moves to companies and individuals, for CPAs QuickBooks Hosting seems to be the most intelligent and effective choice for a majority of their accounting needs. QuickBooks evolved from being just a personal accounting software to a popular option amongst small, mid-sized businesses and CPAs as Intuit added more proficient features to enhance it. QuickBooks desktop seemed to be the most viable option for accountants until the revolutionary QuickBooks Hosting came along and took the CPAs and accounting firms by a quick whirl. It wasn’t long until QB hosting became the canon for cloud accounting solutions.

QuickBooks Hosting Benefits The CPAs In A Lot Of Ways, Let’s See How

Factors such as pan world access, time efficiency, collaborated working, access to data 24*7, integration with add-ons, the security of data, and being an economically viable option makes hosting QuickBooks on the cloud a popular choice.

Pan World Access

Even for a team of dedicated and skilled CPAs at an accounting firm, it can be a lull task to be physically available and cater to each and every client individually. But with QuickBooks Hosting, CPAs and client interaction is just a computer screen away. The global presence and accessibility is the prime most advantage and feature of QB Hosting. With everything being stored in the cloud, with just an internet-accessible device, CPAs can boot up to work on books for their clients from literally the most remote corner of the world. The ability to access all authorized books and records at a swift movement of the cursor, QB Hosting has proven to be prima facie for enhancing the productivity of the CPAs.

Time Efficiency

With a super friendly user interface for QuickBook Hosting, CPAs do not have to dedicate extra hours into earning or familiarizing with the UI. An array of features and fluid navigation makes it an ideal option for the already busy, meticulous CPAs. Even though QB Hosting was a step above QB Desktop, the software remains dotingly the same. This makes it easier for users to transition. Not to be forgotten is the 24*7 customer support that is at the beck and call to resolve the issues and get the business back and running in absolutely no time. Gone are the days when one had to wait treacherous hours for help to turn up when any bug arises. Helping utilize time is a coveter feature of QB Hosting on the cloud for CPAs.

Collaborated Working

It was an issue of the yesteryears when CPAs and accounting professionals weren’t able to co-work on an accounting assignment, or could not brainstorm on financial advice coherently. With the ease of QB Hosting, CPAs can work simultaneously on accounts or make relevant financial plans with utmost efficacy for the clients and firms. Be it in the same room, or hemispheres apart, CPAs can get on board spontaneously to work with any device that they have access to, as QB Hosting is available across all devices and most popular operating systems.

Access To Data 24*7

QuickBooks, an accounting software by Intuit, permits a licensed copy of QB software to be installed on servers in remote hosting facilities. With access to the data, just a user Id and password makes their work process even more seamless and time-efficient. With uninterrupted access to their account books, CPAs can work on-the-go. At Sagenext, with its equipped data centers, we boast a 99.9% uptime, ensuring that our customers have nothing short of the best experience and services rendered to them.

Security Of Data

The CPAs role in a company or even as an individual is pivotal. They deal with the most sensitive and vulnerable data of a company or an individual and hence they need to be extra cautious regarding the security and well keeping of this data. QuickBooks hosting is complacent with world-class, top-notch security with multiple safety layers, antivirus, and encryption. For uncompromised data safety and encrypted security, QB Hosting is the go-to solution for CPAs.

Economically Viable Option

Being budget-friendly, light on the pocket, and an economically viable option, QuickBooks hosting for CPAs is the go-to solution. The cost of archaic, obsolete machinery and building physical storage is high. But with the cloud, you get uncompromised security at a minimall price per month and many come with the pay-as-you-go option as well. No huge upfront costs, no prior investments, just viable monthly payments that make it easy for CPAs. Frequent backups are always welcome and data migration is free of cost. All of this saves time, labor force and puts a better bang for the buck. Massive savings and ergonomic options are something that we all love, and CPAs with a budget crunch can enjoy QB Hosting with a plethora of benefits, which obviously is laudatory.

Integration With Add-Ons

Did you just think that the already functional and amplified QuickBooks hosted on the cloud could not get any better? Well, let us just have a look at how integrated add-on tools ameliorate QB hosting for CPAs. All the integrated add-ons maximize the functionality of QuickBooks. Different kinds of integration can fulfill a variety of accounting needs and all of them can be hosted on the same servers. All these add-ons help to amplify the functions of QB hosting for CPAs. A very popular integrated add on with CPAs is Bill.com, which gives a global convenience to manage everything from receipt to remittance, and even general maintenance of accounting reports. Sagenext seamlessly hosts many such QB add-ons.


After having read all this acclaimed information, we see how Quickbooks made this tough task of CPAs quite tractable. It brought into perspective a new paradigm that was all about fast, speedy work, comprehensive and accurate results, and overall enhanced productivity which is the main goal of any organization or professional. With everything feasible, accessible across multiple devices, all at the same time, it has given the whole accounting process a turn for the better. So much so, that it feels inevitable to be carrying out finances without QuickBooks being associated with it.