There is absolutely no denying the fact that cloud technology has grown by leaps and bounds ever since its inception and has become the top preference of smart entrepreneurs to strengthen and streamline their business operations. Besides being a more cost-effective solution, cloud hosting delivers more flexibility, freedom, security, and ease-of-usage vis-à-vis traditional desktop-based applications. These are the reasons why the cloud adoption rate has continuously been rising and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Placing a spotlight on the types, classifications, and architecture models of the transformative networked computing technology, they can be classified as:

1.Public Cloud
2.Private Cloud
3.Hybrid Cloud.

Majority of the startups, small and mid-sized firms prefer public cloud (shared hosting) because of the ease, convenience and cost savings. However, those organizations and accounting practices with mission-critical workloads whose data are extremely crucial often go for private cloud setup to get full control and freedom to use the infrastructure.

If you are an emerging technology firm or manage an accounting business, it is more than just a mere necessity for you to ensure full-fledged accessibility and security when hosting your preferred application on the cloud. This is where dedicated server hosting, also referred to as managed hosting come out victorious. Dedicated hosting is a distinct kind of cloud hosting technique where clients get exclusive rights to use the server’s resources (unlike shared hosting, no third-party can access or use the server). Managed hosting, therefore, is undoubtedly a more suitable option for an organization because of the increased efficiency, reliability, and data protection.

Above all, hosting QuickBooks on the private cloud will empower you to run your business at its maximum potential with minimum downtime. In fact, this special kind of hosting facility has been designed to serve your business purposes and priorities very well. In this article, we are going to discuss the top six reasons why you should choose Sagenext’s dedicated QuickBooks hosting for your business.

1. Increased Data Security and Privacy Settings

Choosing private servers for hosting QuickBooks provides you with an additional layer of security given the fact that only you and your authorized team members can access, share and work on the hosted application. All the confidential company files are stored and managed on a particular server and no one else can access them unless you grant them the permission. This means your crucial data is never compromised.

Also, these advanced servers are designed to keep malware and spam issues at bay. Sagenext’s enterprise-level security protocols such as high-grade antivirus and firewalls along with multi-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption, and network monitoring minimize the chances of data theft/loss, thereby allowing you to focus on your core competencies.

2. Full Accessibility and Controllability over the Server

Managed hosting for QuickBooks provides you complete control over the server as the admin rights exclusively belong to you. Also, it gives you the ability to configure, assign, and operate the server as per your choice. You can assign roles and permissions to different users you like and grant them the access accordingly. Not only does it help in running your practice in a more flexible, controlled, and responsive manner, but also, gives you complete peace of mind.

3. Enhanced Performance, Speed, and Reliability

During peak season with high workloads, it is extremely crucial for you to ensure the performance of your applications remains on top. QuickBooks hosting on the private cloud, in this context, precisely serves the purpose with no external interference. Since the resources of the dedicated servers such as memory, processors, and storage are not shared with others, you can make the most of your hosted application. With the remote access feature, you and your team can work in collaboration, with no location and device restrictions, thereby, attaining efficiency and performance excellence.

4. High Scalability for All-round Growth

Hosting QuickBooks on dedicated servers gives you complete freedom to add/remove users, CPUs, RAM, and storage as per the requirements. Unlike your in-house server setup, you can add or remove cloud resources anytime you want without the need for hardware replacement. It is certainly a more effective solution since you have the freedom to pick what you need and pay only for the obvious resources. Besides saving you money, it goes a long way in helping you streamline your accounting practice.

5. No Overhead for Purchasing and Maintaining Local Setup

High capital expenses can adversely affect a business, startups and small firms in particular, which need reserve capital to function. By hosting QB on dedicated servers, you get rid of the unwanted budget constraints as you don’t need to set up servers in-house or a dedicated IT team to manage it. Expert professionals at Sagenext provide all-round support ranging from server configuration, application installation, and data migration to managing software updates and upgrades.

6. Easy and Quick Add-on Integrations

Third-party tools and add-ons are often required to accomplish various tasks of your practice, like file conversion, time tracking, report generation, etc. Dedicated QuickBooks hosting on Sagenext cloud allows easy customization and integration of additional add-ons with your QuickBooks on the same platform. You can accomplish your accounting activities easily with more automation and accuracy.

Summing It Up

With the soaring competition in the accounting sector, it has become extremely important for businesses to implement innovative technology solutions to stay enough competitive. QuickBooks dedicated hosting, in this case, is one of the most reliable and pocket-friendly options with umpteen benefits.

In addition to providing herculean security to your company files and financial data, QB hosting dedicated renders enough storage and bandwidth. With dedicated hosting solutions, you scale up or down the resources depending on the workloads and perform your core activities with more precision and confidence.