With cloud accounting in vogue, cloud-based accounting and tax applications like QuickBooks are gaining huge popularity in modern times of the internet and smartphones. These ultra-modern cloud accounting applications help enterprises access their accounts, manage their business activities, and eventually stay organized from anywhere, at any time, simply using their smartphones or tablets having an internet connection. Moreover, all these accounting software are extremely secure to use, having security standards that match that of banking institutions.

Statista reveals that over 64 percent of the small business owners prefer accounting software.”

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Thanks to quality accounting applications like QuickBooks, financial accounting, once considered a tiresome and complicated process, is no more so. QuickBooks help organizations streamline their accounting, enabling them to track their financial activities in order to establish a transparent system, having a clear understanding of their account balance, sources of income, and expenses. It is one of the major reasons why present-day accountants and business owners prefer cloud-based accounting over typical, on-premise accounting infrastructure.

“As per Intuit Investor Day 2019, QuickBooks had more than 3.3 million online subscribers from the US alone in the financial year 2019, witnessing a tremendous growth of 25 percent compared to FY ’18.”

When opting for cloud computing, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) prefer public cloud for its greater cost-efficiency, elasticity, and economies of scale. While it is beneficial for other industries to prefer a public cloud over the private, it is not the same for the accounting and financial industry that deals with extremely critical data. The private cloud offers greater flexibility and control in addition to being more secure compared to the public cloud, especially for accounting professionals.

What is a Dedicated Cloud Server?

A dedicated cloud is an isolated cloud infrastructure having a single occupant. Dedicated clouds act as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), optimized to meet an organization’s business requirements. They reduce downtime, providing an organization greater flexibility, and as a result, help them perform better. They best fit the enterprises having targeted resource-intensive tasks.

In a dedicated cloud infrastructure, data security and protection is taken care of by the cloud service provider. The service provider also offers development tools for the user. Moreover, it gives an organization easy access to and customization of data storage, bandwidth, computer resources, license subscription, and support.

Why should you prefer QuickBooks Dedicated Server?

A dedicated cloud server provides you exclusive access to all the computing resources that help you achieve your business goals effectively. The cloud-based accounting applications like QuickBooks, hosted on a dedicated server, are extremely beneficial for accounting professionals.

QuickBooks dedicated server

Listed below are some of the key features of a QuickBooks dedicated server:

1. Better Security and Privacy

Hosting an application on a dedicated server adds an extra layer of security and privacy. In QuickBooks dedicated server hosting, only a single user has the access to the application and its functionalities, forbidding other users or organizations from accessing your financial data and QB files. This not only keeps your data secure and private but also eliminates the possibility of a poorly managed application compromising the privacy of your data.

QuickBooks dedicated server implements enhanced protection strategies against spams and malware. The hosting service provider also incorporates end-to-end data encryption, secure firewalls, and network monitoring that further make your data immune to security breaches and let you focus on your core business tasks.

2. Comprehensive Control of the Server

With a dedicated server, users have no limitations as far as the use of the QuickBooks application is concerned. It provides comprehensive control compared to a shared infrastructure.

The configuration and operation of the cloud environment solely depend upon you. Moreover, you can assign roles and define permissions, as and when required, to multiple users in order to provide them access. This comprehensive control over the server helps you drive your business in a flexible, controlled, and responsive way.

3. Better Reliability and Performance

The undivided access to all the resources in a dedicated server helps you achieve better performance as you don’t have to share the processing power, storage capacity, and memory with any other user. It helps your business run smoothly, experience minimum downtime, and interruption. A QuickBooks dedicated private cloud server also enables you to access your business data remotely, helping you realize greater business efficiency and productivity.

Moreover, the majority of the dedicated server hosts offer multi-network connection and high-performance computing capabilities with your dedicated private server. This makes sure you have smooth, consistent, and ultra-fast access to your QuickBooks information and application functionalities. This lag-free and high-performance experience makes QB dedicated servers easily accessible and highly reliable, helping you attain greater customer satisfaction with the overall improved business performance.

4. Cost-efficiency

Capital management is extremely critical for businesses, more so for the growing ones, and hence, any huge investment can negatively affect their accounting operations. QuickBooks dedicated server helps you save a huge amount of capital investment that goes into purchasing, configuring, maintaining, and upgrading an in-house, physical server. As a result of this, your business achieves greater cost-efficiency.

5. Easy Scalability for Improved Business Growth

With QuickBooks dedicated server, you have the capability of upgrading the storage capacity, RAM, and the number of users, whenever required. This enables you to deal with the higher business workloads with extreme ease. The scalable cloud server helps you include or exclude the required resources without making any changes to the hardware infrastructure.

Hence, you have easy scalability power where almost all the resources are virtually available to you. You have to merely raise a request in order to get access to the required resources. It is extremely crucial to your business growth in the current, competitive business setup.

6. Easier Integrations, Collaborations, and Customizations

At times your accounting business requires extra tools and add-ons to complete various supportive tasks like file conversion or time tracking. QuickBooks dedicated server enables you to integrate or collaborate with third-party applications and add-ons like an office suite, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), etcetera that helps you accomplish these complementary accounting jobs without any restrictions.

The easier customization of your QuickBooks application with other add-ons empowers your business with minimum manual data-intensive work, reduced chances of errors, and increased automation.

All the aforementioned features are beneficial enough for any accounting organization and are reasons good enough for you to consider QuickBooks dedicated server.

The Final Perspective

Surviving the modern, competitive accounting industry while at the same time maintaining healthy profits is a huge challenge. Accounting professionals have to be on their toes, always looking for opportunities that make their businesses operate with ease, provide greater flexibility and efficiency, and help them gain a satisfied base of customers.

QuickBooks dedicated server is one of the most revolutionizing strategies to have access to remote accounting capabilities. It offers great storage, bandwidth, and resource flexibility with highly secure accounting infrastructure. The cost-efficiency and scalability options it brings to your accounting business, in addition to providing comprehensive control over QuickBooks infrastructure, help you accomplish your accounting tasks smoothly, rapidly, and with minimum downtime.