QuickBooks is the go-to software when it comes to the accounting sector of any industry in the Small and Medium business segment. It is the preferred software across the globe, be it world leaders like North America or be it third world countries; CPAs and business owners keep choosing QuickBooks as their daily driver.

The desktop version of your favorite accounting software-QuickBooks is a meticulous software by itself, but its credibility and usability get ameliorated when hosted on the cloud.

Let’s know why switching to the cloud is better for SMBs when using QuickBooks:

1. Efficient Expense Management

It gets all the more easy to have efficient cash management with QuickBooks on the cloud. In one of our previous blog, we’ve discussed how the cloud industry is to see a boom in 2020 and the coming decade. Vital information such as due dates and payment information regarding the recurring bills can be managed better with the help of this software on the cloud. QuickBooks when hosted on the cloud, brings forward a plethora of tracking and management tools that help in maintaining and tracking the company’s expenses. The benefit that you get with cloud hosting is that all of this data is stored in one place and all the concerned entities can have access to this data without having to go through the hassle of making this data available on every individual system, which in turn helps to maintain the company’s expenses.

2. Round-the-clock Remote Access

This is undeniably the most coveted feature of cloud hosting.  Efficacious software such as QuickBooks, when hosted on the cloud, deliver the benefit of unaltered access from any corner of the globe at any given time. The meager requirement for this is a functional smart device with access to the internet. Time and geographical locations no longer prove to be a hurdle when you’re on the cloud(quite literally). QuickBooks on the cloud makes all the accounting tasks almost a breeze by providing round-the-clock data availability and access to all the transactions, data, and input. This is exactly what a highly result-driven organization would cave for. Factors like the employee’s time zone or whether or not they’re physically present in the office premises are concerns of yesteryears of business. With the cloud at hand, you’re good to go, any time, anywhere!

3. Data Security

It has been talked about fairly well and on a number of occasions that how crucial macro and microdata is for a company. Be it a tech giant or an SMB, data protection holds the utmost importance when it comes to counting decisive factors for an organization’s positive progress. With a hurl of security breaching that took place in the adieuing year of 2019. 2020 is set to be the year of change, the year where even better measures are to be adopted to safeguard ourselves. What better way than switching to cloud hosting of your software, as most of the leading cloud hosting companies offer immaculate data protection measures like multi-tier backup and encryption. Having a dedicated cloud server takes security measures to a whole new level. If you want to defy mortal factors like malware attacks and climatic interruptions, the QuickBooks hosting on the cloud is your way to go.

4. Ease for the Users

Let’s face it, in this bustle of daily business where all of us aim to spear ahead of our competitors, we end up looking for drivers that would catalyze our work and make it easier.  Now even if the given software is highly equipped yet has a jargon of steps to perform, not many would want to opt for it. This very concern gets eliminated, when you switch to QuickBooks on the cloud. The user interface is extremely simple and user-friendly and is designed to support accountants from all walks of the industry.  A virtual introduction process and single-click access for most of its features make QB on the cloud, the ideal choice for sporadic SMBs and smart professionals.

5. Round-the-clock Customer Support

When you host your software on the cloud, it is inevitable to be vigilant with errors. This is where round the clock customer support provided by top notch cloud hosting companies like Sagenext come into play.  They are all ears to your needs and aid to your difficulties on a prompt notice. When dealing with software and complex data, you’re bound to encounter issues like permissions and email configuration as you progress along your day. Such issues can cause a serious halt in your business progress. With QuickBooks cloud hosting, most of these problems can be eliminated through the multi-functional and highly attentive team of IT experts available at your service, 24/7.


Managing your finances and accounts through QuickBooks, being an SMB is a smart move, but do you know what’s even better- QuickBooks cloud hosting. The amalgamation of the best-in-the-industry accounting software and the cloud technology renders the best ever experience to the user and helps improve and enhance the overall profits and generate positive numbers. With the holiday season switch to Sagenext and get your hands-on experience of cloud hosting with our 7-day free trial and special offers and discounts.