How to fix script error after opening QuickBooks Desktop

Follow these steps to resolve the issue in case you face a “Script Error” while logging into ‘Company File’:

Step 1. (Method 1)

Open the Internet Explorer browser on your desktop and press Alt+X on your keyboard or click on the Tools button in the top right corner of the browser to open ‘Internet Options’ as illustrated in Figure 1.1.


Figure 1.1

Step 1. (Method 2)

Press Windows key+R on your keyboard or open ‘Run’ from your start menu and type “inetcpl.cpl” in the command box as illustrated in Figure 1.2.


Figure 1.2

Step 2.

After opening Internet Options, click on the “Security” tab for the top bar as illustrated in Figure 1.3.


Figure 1.3

Step 3.

From within the “Security” tab, use your mouse to select the “Trusted sites” option from the panel and click on “Sites” as illustrated in Figure 1.4.


Figure 1.4

Step 4.

After clicking on “Sites” a dialogue box will appear with an option to “Add” websites and a URL box. Enter the following URLs in the box:



After entering each URL click on the “Add” button to add these websites as trusted sites in the system as illustrated in Figure 1.5.


Figure 1.5

Step 5.

After adding the URLs, uncheck the box that says, “Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone” as illustrated in Figure 1.6.


Figure 1.6

Step 6.

Next, close the “Trusted sites dialogue” box and uncheck the box that says, “Enable Protected Mode” and click “OK” as illustrated in Figure 1.7.


Figure 1.7

Step 7.

After completing the following steps, click on the “Custom Level” button as illustrated in Figure 1.8.


Figure 1.8

Step 8.

Then scroll to the section titled “Scripting” and check if the following are enabled – 

  • Active scripting;
  • Allow status bar updates via script; and
  • Allow websites to prompt for information using scripted windows.

If either of these is enabled, then click on disable under each heading and click on “OK” to exit

This has been illustrated in Figure 1.9.


Step 9.

Finally, relaunch the application to check if the “Script error” is gone.

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