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Reactivate your Sage 50 Activation Key

While working on the Sage 50 application, you can receive the following error message: 

“The activation key for Sage 50 is invalid or could not be read. Please start Sage 50 on the Sage 50 company data server to reactivate.”

Why are you facing this problem?

Several reasons can trigger the occurrence of this error code, some of the following are listed down below:

  1. The program is unable to get activated on the server
  2. The inability of the Pervasive database engine to run as a service
  3. Incorrectly set permissions
  4. Incorrect data path
  5. Damaged Pervasive database engine
  6. Options.dat is hidden
  7. Lost files in the data path
  8. Wrong Serial Number

Resolution to Fix the Problem:

Note: With the launch of the Sage 50 US2020, Pervasive is rebranded to Actian.

Step I: Activate your program on the server

  • Run the Sage on the server.
  • Allow the Sage to activate.
  • Now, check if you still receive the error message.

Step 2: Make use of the Actian/Pervasive on the server

Quit and reopen Actian/Pervasive on the server. For this, follow the below steps:

  • Close the Sage 50 on all PCs.
  • Go to the Task Manager.
  • Click on the Details section and search for w3dbsmgr.exe.
  • Note: In Windows 7, it will be named as the Processes tab.
  • Go to the process and select the End task.
  • Navigate to the Services section at the upper section, classify by name, and hunt for psqlWGE
  • Double-click psqlWGE and tap on the Start
  • Reboot your server/computer to host the data.
  • Configure your Pervasive database engine to run it as a system service.

Step 3: Verify permissions

  • Double-click on the shared folder.
  • Click on the Properties and move to the sharing tab.
  • Hit on the Advanced sharing and select share the folder box.
  • Click Permissions and select Add.
  • Enter the Windows usernames/groups having the Sage 50 access.
  • Select the Check Names to verify the usernames.
  • Assign all the added groups/users the Full control
  • Tap on OK and then move to the Advanced Sharing screen.
  • Proceed to the Security tab
  • Check Administrators & systems have the access
  • Click OK

Step 4: Configure firewall and antivirus

  • Enable the Sage and Actian through the firewall.
  • Also, exclude the application from the antivirus scan.

Step 5: Verify data path

  • Verify the server and the workstation have the correct data path.
  • Locate the data path in the server.
  • Double-click and click on the Properties under the Shared folder
  • Write down the name of the share
  • Navigate to each of the workstations.
  • View the mapped drive to make certain to mark out the exact shared folder.
  • Search the data path on each workstation to verify it is pointing to the exact mapped drive.

Step 6: If the Actian/Pervasive is damaged, or multiple versions are installed or the wrong Actian/Pervasive is installed on the server

  • Manually uninstall/reinstall Actian (formerly called Pervasive)

Step 7: Missing files in the data path

  • Run Repair on the program.
  • Click on Start, and then go to the Control Panel
  • Tap on the Add/Remove Programs.
  • Choose the Programs and Features
  • Click on the Sage 50 Accounting from the programs list, and tap on the Change
  • Select Repair and the process will initiate.



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