How To Use Exporter Transaction Pro?

Steps to Use Exporter Transaction Pro

Step 1: Get Started

When you have added the application to your account, log in and open QuickBooks, then log into your company file.

Step 2: Launch Exporter Transaction Pro

You will see the home screen when you open the app. You can select the type of data you want to export as well as a specified date range from here.

Use Exporter Transaction Pro step 2

Step 3: Data Selection

You can see this with selected data.

Use Exporter Transaction Pro step 3

Step 4: Open Excel Directly

You have set up your data for export, you may choose which format you want to export to. You can also select to open Excel right after exporting if you want to.

Use Exporter Transaction Pro step 4


Step 5: Save the File

When you are done, click Export to File, choose where you want to save the file (usually on your Sagenext Z: drive) as well as a name for it.

Use Exporter Transaction Pro step 5


And that’s it!  Your export is complete!

Exporting with Transaction Pro: Exporter is easy!

If you do not already have access to it, you can always set up access via the Marketplace or by contacting