How To Use Importer Transaction Pro?

Steps to Use Importer Transaction Pro

Step 1: Get Started

  • Log in and launch QuickBooks into your company file after adding Transaction Pro to your account.


Step 2: Open Importer Transaction Pro

  • Open Importer Transaction Pro and you can see details in the picture below.


Open Importer Transaction Pro


Step 3: Locate the File

  • Then, click on BROWSE and it will open a window to locate the file you want to import.  (the below is just a sample)


Locate the File 1


  • Locate your file and click Open.
  • You can continue importing and can make alterations from here.


Locate the File 2


Step 4: Match Fields Manually

  • Click Next when ready. 
  • Before you may continue onto another step, you must manually match fields.


Match Fields Manually 


Step 5: Finish Changes

  • Once you have finished any needed changes, click Next


Importer Transaction Pro Finish Changes


  • Add in any appropriate information and click FINISH!


Finish Changes 2


  • Click on OK here too.


Finish Changes 3


  • Login to your QuickBooks file and double-check that your data was imported accurately.

Follow all these steps to use Importer Transaction Pro effectively.

Get a start with Transaction Pro: Importer is easy.

If you do not already have access to it, you can always set up access via the Marketplace or by contacting