When we say that QuickBooks hosting and accounting in the cloud is the new normal, we are not just referring to the practice of firms hosting their accounting software in the cloud. What we are referring to here is something more vast, a practice that has revamped, renovated and rejuvenated the entire accounting industry for good. A multitude of technologies have time and again been introduced into the universe of accountants and bookkeepers, but it is the cloud that made a difference that any other technological advancement could not.

But, why QuickBooks Desktop with Hosting?

At this point, the QuickBooks desktop is the answer to the accounting blues for many SMEs in the US. Making the dreadful management of spreadsheets a thing of the past, countless (or as better said, a majority of) small and medium-sized businesses have dared to take the technological leap already, allowing the cloud to swiftly make its way into the accounting sector.

Now, coming to the point at hand- why QuickBooks hosting? Well, it should not come as a surprise to you that we have more than one factor to answer the ‘why’. But, if it did, then let’s answer the many why’s and why not’s for you:

The Cloud is (literally) Everywhere!

Entrepreneurs who own multiple business outlets in diverse locations and those who need to travel a lot for work often struggle when it comes to keeping up with the progress. Waiting to reach the brick and mortar store every single time and signing in the office computer to check the productivity of your employees can be time-consuming and unfruitful. With your QuickBooks on the cloud, things are a lot simpler than that.

Your data on the cloud-based accounting software is accessible at all times, from every location you are present at physically, on any device that you are carrying- be it a laptop, smartphone, or tablet. All you need is internet connectivity. So, yes, your data on the cloud can be globally accessed, anywhere at any time.

Selfsame Reliability With QuickBooks Hosting 

QuickBooks is a highly productive, feature-packed desktop accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. Loved by business owners, individuals, and accountants and bookkeepers, the software has been an all-time favourite for over two decades. But, the fact that the software is cloud-compatible is what makes it stand out even more. If you are a QuickBooks desktop user and heavily rely on its features, you will be thrilled to know that with cloud-based quickbooks, your productivity is only set to improve.

An Accounting Solution That Grows With Your Business

Considering the volatile nature of the market, business owners should go for accounting software that can scale up and down along with the business. A new business may either flourish at great speed or need to shut down after a year. Now, imagine having to buy a new accounting software every time something phenomenal happens in the market. You will need to migrate the entire data every time, fear losing a critical piece of information in the process, pay for another accounting software and retrain your employees.

QuickBooks hosting, on the other hand, matches your business growth. QuickBooks cloud vendors offer their users’ pricing plans that are easy-to-scale to make the process even simpler. This means you can use your QuickBooks accounting software and easily scale your business up and down as the market demands, without paying extra for services you no longer use or need. Different versions are available in the market, including QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier, and QuickBooks Enterprise, and you can easily host them on the cloud and switch from one to the other as per the need.

Because Every Cloud Really Has A Silver Lining

If you are searching for the silver lining of cloud computing, you might want to prepare yourself to absorb it all because certainly there is more than one. Cloud Computing or as they call it- accounting in the cloud has to its credit a long line of merits. With firms operating completely on fully-functional online models having everything a click away, the process of business management and collaborating with accountants who help them handle the books has become less demanding.

The cloud is the answer to the problem of time-crunch faced by accountants every day; it promotes team collaboration, is highly secure, and if you are lucky enough to find the best QuickBooks hosting provider for your firm, you will have a team of trained technicians to sort your technical issues for you in the least possible time.

Conquer Accounting With QuickBooks Hosting

To stay ahead of the competitors in the accounting game, it is more of a mandate for business owners to be technologically advanced. QuickBooks on the cloud is one such Accounting solution that allows you to gain complete control over your accounting tasks, makes you a more productive business owner, and gives you an edge over competitors who are yet to embark on the journey to the cloud.