Creating new facets for sheer customer delight, at Sagenext, our vision is to work as a technology partner with you and to ensure higher efficiency in your accounting business. We are a dedicated team of highly-skilled professionals, working closely with each client to understand their specific needs related to implementing cloud-based solutions in practice. We cemented our organization in 2009 and strive to deliver an unmatched paradigm of shared and dedicated hosting services to small and medium businesses, accounting professionals, bookkeepers, and CPAs. With our untiring services, we are happy to acknowledge that over the decade, we have established ourselves well in all of North America and the UK.

We take a suited approach towards creating world-class cloud hosting solutions tailored as per the requirements of our pristine clients at unbeatable costs. Quite recently, we have been awarded as the winner of the Rising Star 2019 and Premium Usability 2019 Awards by FinancesOnline in the accounting software category along with being recognized as one of the top VARs in 2019 by Accounting Today, which speaks volumes about our quality of services, technical expertise, and professionalism. We have Microsoft certified engineers, network technicians, and cloud computing experts, each having profound knowledge, skills, and vast experience in the field of accounting application hosting.

What is QuickBooks hosting?

QuickBooks hosting or QuickBooks cloud refers to the process of installing the desktop version of QuickBooks on a network server, that is hosted over the internet and has enabled access via a web browser from any location. QuickBooks hosted on the cloud gives ease to authenticated users to be able to access all the data, files, and information via any remote device at any location with an active internet connection.

Now that you know what QuickBooks cloud hosting is and the features of Sagenext as an organization, let us also tell you why you should choose Sagenext as your QuickBooks hosting provider:

Server uptime

It is a well-known fact that the ultimate motive of hosting software on the cloud is to have undenied access to its features round the clock which is determined by the server uptime that is provided by a hosting provider. Server uptime is the time during which a server is operational, allowing you to have access to the data. This time is depicted in terms of percentage. For example, when at Sagenext we say that our uptime guarantee is 99.9%, it indicates the time for which the server is operational for 99.9% of the time. Good server uptime is very important when choosing a QB hosting provider as this is the decisive factor when it comes to the outcome that you expect out of the hosted software.

Efficient customer support

Let’s consider this- your vital business data is stored miles away from you and currently is physically inaccessible. What seems like the most important factor that would help bridge this gap? The answer to this is an efficiently trained group of professionals who are prompt and well-versed with their technical knowledge. We are aware that with technology comes some unavoidable glitches that creep up when you’re amidst your accounting work that requires undivided attention. So, when a glitch takes place, what you desire is attentive customer support that is available round the clock. This is exactly what Sagenext provides. We have our Microsoft certified engineers comprising our dexterous customer support team that is available 24*7 at your service. Our customer reps strive to solve your problems and provide apt troubleshooting in the shortest time possible.

Hosting all the versions of QuickBooks

Every business is a niche in itself and so are the requirements of each business. They are quite singular in nature and each business finds a particular version of QuickBooks fit for their usage. Intuit has been very customer-centric by rolling out various versions of QuickBooks, keeping in mind the size of businesses and the magnitude of their transactions. Keeping in mind the wide customer base, at Sagenext, we host all the versions of QuickBooks on the cloud, be it QuickBooks Pro, Premier, Enterprise, or POS. We even host the most popular QuickBooks add-ons. Our stride is to serve as many customers as we can and we are well aware of the fact that no matter the size of the business, accounting data is the life-blood of the said organization and we have based our business model and service strategy accordingly.

Economically viable pricing plans

Our cost-efficient cloud hosting plans give you complete access to a highly advanced, reliable, and secure infrastructure. We have a plan fit for every stratum of clientele, and we are sure you’re set to find a price fit for your requirements. Let us break down our QuickBooks hosting pricing plans for you in an easier way.

First of all, our QuickBooks tariff is bifurcated into two categories- QuickBooks hosting and QuickBooks dedicated hosting. Know more about why an organization should have dedicated QuickBooks hosting.

So our QuickBooks hosting (shared hosting) tariffs are $33/month, $45/month, and $49/month for Basic, Standard, and Premium plans respectively.

Coming to QuickBooks dedicated hosting, it is a more elaborate category and thus we offer a widespread plan as follows: $80/month, $180/month, $260/month, $345/month, and $390/month for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Platinum plans respectively. We have analyzed the market trend in the best possible way, to bring to you the lowest possible pricing that we could and yet provide you with the best possible service.  Before you commit to any of our hosting plans or pay our tariffs, we also provide a 15-day free trial, to help you decide if you would like to avail of our services.

Immaculate datacenters

Our data centers, located in the cities of New York, Dallas, and Phoenix, are HIPAA compliant and have HITECH certification to deliver the best of hosting experience to the users. Our well-equipped data centers ensure that you enjoy seamless access to your hosted application and files. The security of our customer’s data is our top priority. The SSD servers housed in our data centers feature security protocols such as 256-bit encryption, multi-level authentication, and the latest anti-virus programs along with prolific Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems in order to ensure the best of security.

To let you access your work sans hindrance, we have  our Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers fully SSAE-16 Type-II (SOC-1/SOC-2) certified, guaranteeing you a   high-speed performance with minimum downtime, all our data centers are designed in such a way that they can withstand extreme conditions as well as power shortage and deliver uninterrupted service all the time. Our servers equipped with advanced SSD disks automatically backup the stored data in multiple layers, and these disks use proven RAID10 method that tolerates disk failures; so that even if one disk stops functioning, the other disks provide seamless access to the data, hence, ensuring business continuity.

A thought to take with you

Having talked enough about the badges that Sagenext holds, the unparalleled fact that the customer is king can’t be denied. It ultimately all boils down to your needs, requirements, and your approach towards business. We have been descriptive about what and why QuickBooks, we also touched base on why Sagenext for QuickBooks hosting, having given ample literature about the working of the entire cloud hosting system. Now, we’d like to let you decide and take your time; and while you’re at it, we would suggest you take our free 7-days trial and have the sweet taste of hosting without even shelling out a single dollar.