Adobe Reader Crashes After Installing TSPrint

If your Adobe Reader application crashes after installing TSPrint on your server, follow this guide to resolve the issue.

Solution 1: System Reboot After Installation

Adobe Reader crashes usually occur when Adobe Reader 10 is installed on a server, but the server hasn’t been rebooted after the installation. A reboot is necessary to complete the installation process. Without it, Adobe Reader may face performance issues and crash.

Steps to Resolve

Reboot the Server: After installing Adobe Reader 10, ensure that you reboot the server. This step is critical to finalize the installation and avoid crashes.

Crash Scenario

If the server hasn’t been rebooted, Adobe Reader will crash when the user selects the “Print” option from the “File” menu.


After rebooting, Adobe Reader 10 will work seamlessly with TSPrint without crashes or errors.

Note: This issue is specific to Adobe Reader 10. The guide above is applicable only to this version.

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Solution 2: Glitch Due to Protected Mode at Startup

In rare cases, the system reboot might not resolve the issue. The crash may be due to a glitch with the Protected Mode at Startup. Disabling this mode can help resolve the problem.

Steps to Disable Protected Mode

1. Open Adobe Reader

Launch the Adobe Reader application on your server.

Adobe Reader crashes step 1

2. Go to Preferences

Click on the “Edit” menu in the top bar and select “Preferences” from the drop-down menu

Adobe Reader crashes step 2

3. Navigate to Security (Enhanced)

In the Preferences dialogue box, find and select the “Security (Enhanced)” option from the sidebar.

4. Disable Protected Mode

Uncheck the box for “Enable Protected Mode at Startup.”

5. Visual Guidance

After completing these steps, Adobe Reader should no longer crash.

Adobe Reader crashes Security(Enhanced)

Once the user has completed the necessary steps mentioned above, the issue of Adobe Reader crashing on the server will be resolved.

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By following these solutions, you can ensure Adobe Reader runs smoothly after installing TSPrint. For consistent performance, always remember to reboot your server post-installation and consider disabling Protected Mode if crashes persist.