How to Resolve QuickBooks Critical Update Error?

Updates in any software are necessary to keep it running in a dynamic work environment. Often, updates are used for fixing system bugs and preventing applications from crashing down.

In the case of QuickBooks, a bug affects different accounting features, preventing the user from executing accounting transactions. In such cases, a maintenance release is issued by the developing company (Intuit) to fix the bug and resume the smooth functionality of the application and its features.

However, in some cases, a pop-alert “Update QuickBooks” may appear on the screen demanding a “Critical QuickBooks Update” even when your software is already up to date.

This has been illustrated in Figure 1.1.

Critical QuickBooks Update

In case your QuickBooks software is already updated, the update prompt is caused by an error. Hence we have jotted down some simple solutions to resolve QuickBooks Critical Update Error.

Steps to Fix the QuickBooks Update Error

If your program is already updated, you will be required to check the initialization configuration file of your QuickBooks Application. Solutions are given below to check the initialization configuration file and stop the faulty prompt from appearing on your screen.

If you are receiving this pop-up alert in the 2022 version of QuickBooks Desktop, then do the following:

Step 1. Open the (C:) Drive on your computer.

Step 2. In the (C:) Drive, look for the folder titled Program Data and double-click to open it.

Program Data

Step 3. In the Program Data folder, look for the Intuit folder and double-click to open it

Intuit Folder in Program Data folder

Step 4. In the Intuit folder, look for the QuickBooks 2022 folder and double-click to open it.

QuickBooks 2022 folder

Step 5. In the QuickBooks 2022 folder, you need to look for the file named QBW and right-click on it.

QBW File

Step 6. Next, you need to click on Properties.


Step 7. In the Properties window, you need to uncheck the Read-only  box and click the OK button.

Tick mark Read Only

Step 8. After that, you need to open the file by Double-clicking on it.

Step 9. Next, look for the following line in the file:


The line will be visible under the following two sections:


Fix Critical QuickBooks Update

Step 10. In order to Stop Receiving the Pop-alert, you need to Change the Value from 0 to 1 in both the sections mentioned above.

Change Value

Step 11. Next, you need to press CTRL+S to save the changes. Then close the file using the red cross on the window’s top right corner.
Step 12. Now, right-click on the same configuration file titled QBW and open Properties.

QBW.ini and Properties

Step 13. Now check the Read-only to turn it back on. Then press the OK button to save the changes.

Read Only

After completing the steps, you will stop receiving the faulty pop-alert in your QuickBooks application.

What Triggers QB Critical Update Error

Some of the most common causes of QuickBooks update problems are as follows:

  1. Windows machine with an incorrectly configured date and time.
  2. Problems connecting to the internet.
  3. Despite QuickBooks’ best efforts, Windows Firewall is blocking the installation of necessary upgrades.
  4. More than one QuickBooks installation on a single Windows computer.


We hope that this article has been able to provide a full understanding of any problems you may have had with the QuickBooks update errors. If any of your questions still prevail or if you need help, you can call +1-855-922-7243 to talk to us. You can count on our QuickBooks support and assistance staff that solve your problem promptly and correctly.