How to Find QuickBooks License Number and Product Key?

When you purchase QuickBooks, the version of the software, billing information, and other relevant information are provided. These variables also play an essential role while installing the software on a new computer. Moreover, QuickBooks License number and product numbers come extremely handy while restructuring and reinstalling the software.

Hence, make sure to implement the steps listed below to find:

  • Product name
  • QuickBooks Version
  • Product number
  • License number
  • Installation Date

Steps to Find QuickBooks License Number in QB Desktop

Follow the given steps to find the QuickBooks License Number for your any QuickBooks Desktop Versions; QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise.

  1. Open QuickBooks Desktop software.
  2. Now, press the F2 key.
  3. In the Product Information you will find product name, release date, license number and product number.

Quickbooks License Number in Product Information

You can also find “Version Used on File” for your specific version. The most recent version of the list is at the bottom, and the oldest version is at the top.

QuickBooks Versions Used on File

How to Find QuickBooks License Number on Mac

You can find your QuickBooks License number on Mac by following the instructions given below:

  1. Launch the QuickBooks for Mac.
  2. Navigate towards the Help menu, then choose Product Information.
  3. You can view all the necessary information like license number, version, release date, and product number there.

How to Find QuickBooks License Number in QuickBooks Payroll

  1. Launch QuickBooks Desktop application.
  2. Navigate towards the Employees menu, then click on the Payroll Center.
  3. Choose the Payroll tab, there you’ll be able to view the Subscription Statuses window.

Note: If you use a QuickBooks Online account, then you won’t be having a license number. Instead it will contain a Company ID(CoID).

Furthermore, the QuickBooks Online’s CoID is always available on your Billing and Subscription page. We have jotted down the steps to find it.

How to Find Company ID in QuickBooks Online

  1. Select the Gear icon.
  2. Click on the Account & Settings.
  3. Choose the Billing & Subscription from the left. Now, the company ID will be visible at the top.


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